MantelMount July Newsletter 2020



Linda of Port Charlotte, FL. 

When my husband became "visually challenged" with an irreversible eye problem, we needed a bigger screen TV for him to enjoy watching TV. We quickly purchased a larger TV, but our existing decor was not suitable for the larger TV. We were forced to place the TV on a stand, outside the entertainment center. Remodeling was needed, but we wanted a fireplace and the ability to watch TV without looking up at a wall-mounted TV. We looked at several mounting fixtures, but most were limited for their size and application, then we discovered MantelMount. We purchased Model MM750, which gives us the option of an even larger TV in the future. We now have a 75," which allows my husband the ability to watch TV. In addition, the MM750 pulls down and out, giving him a closer eye-level view. The new look of our entertainment center with MantleMount is more flexible. It's up and out of the way when not in use, and eye level and "watchable" when we are watching TV. We are very pleased with our choice of this MantleMount product! 

Congratulations, Linda! We hope you enjoy your new MantelMount and a 50% credit back on your MantelMount. 

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NBC’s New Streaming Service  

Peacock TV is the newest streaming service of 2020 coming jampacked with a free tier of 13,000 hours of content and additional content that can be unlocked with a paid subscription. All your NBC favorites can be found on this platform, including the favorited show "The Office," which will be leaving Netflix in 2021. Peacock TV also has video on demand to compete with its other streaming rivals. 


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Zoom for Home | DTEN ME  By DTEN ME  

With video conferencing becoming the new workplace norm, Zoom decided to partner with DTEN ME to create a 27" screened device to make video calls a breeze. The Zoom for Home by DTEN ME is an all-in-one collaboration device with a smart camera, 8-microphone array audio, whiteboard animation, multi-touch display, and has the ability to be used independently or as a second monitor. 


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Carmen G. of Taunton, MA. 

Congratulations, Carmen! We hope you enjoy your newly upgraded home entertainment experience. 

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What’s on your must-watch list this month?

Based on a listing from TV Guide, here are some of the best shows out this month. 

  • Down to Earth with Zac Efron – Netflix  
  •  My Spy – Amazon  
  •  Palm Springs – Hulu  
  •  Hamilton – Disney+  


Tune in again next month for another MantelMount Watch List segment!