Mantel Mount | February 28, 2023

Things to Know Before Buying a TV: Your New TV Buying Guide

Buying a new television can be quite the process. There are a multitude of checklist items that you’ll likely want to take into consideration beforehand. No matter if you plan to physically buy the product or visit an online store...

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Spencer Greenwald | February 28, 2023

How to Mount a Heavy TV on the Wall for Those Who Love a Big Screen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, tvs have come a very long way since they were first invented in the late 1920s. From better picture quality to Although you may not have an actual behemoth of a...

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Art Sesnovich | February 28, 2023

Still Not Sure About Buying MantelMount? We Answer Some of Your Most Frequent Questions

Televisions were invented nearly 100 years ago — in 1927, to be exact (though the first televisions were sold in 1929) — and one could say we’ve come a long way since then. When they first rolled off factory floors,...

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