Spencer Greenwald | July 29, 2022

How to Strategically Hide the Wires From the TV on Your Wall

A wall-mounted TV can be a showstopper in any home, yet too often a tangled clump of cords and wires can detract from your family’s new state of the art toy. Wires are one thing if they’re hidden behind a...

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Mantel Mount | July 29, 2022

You Know How to Install a TV But What Do You Do When You Need to Take it Down?

There may come a time when you need to remove your tv from its wall mount. Whether that’s because you are moving apartments, buying a newer tv for the wall mount, or simply changing up the look of the room,...

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Mantel Mount | July 29, 2022

Common TV Bracket Terminology for the Next Time You're Shopping for TV Mounts

// ]]> Whether you’re buying a new home or a new car, large purchases in life always require a bit of research. Many new homeowners, for instance, first learn about escrow accounts when they’re in the process of making their...

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