Tech Startup MantelMount is Changing the Way You Watch TV

People worldwide love their television sets, and Americans are definitely no exception. In fact, the latest research indicates that 116.3 million of the 123.2 million U.S. households contain at least one TV. With this in mind, many tech companies and startups have made it their primary business to improve the home entertainment experience. During the past few years, we have seen 3D TVs and 4K...

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Audiogurus Review: MantelMount Fireplace TV Mount

I have never been in this situation before—I’ll just admit it. Normally I’m pretty unbiased and aloof when I do a product review. The problem is, I came up with an idea about six years ago for a television mount that would lower the TV in front of a fireplace mantel. I say that I had the idea because it’s something I...

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MantleMount : Perfect Viewing Pleasure

While few would describe relaxing at the end of the day in front of a nice, flat screen tv as painful, extended viewing of a badly placed screen can turn into a very literal pain in the neck – not to mention losing out on crisp visual effects because of glare or a bad viewing angle. Needless to say, these...

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There are plenty of ways to mount a TV to a wall but I just saw this new product called Mantel Mount. It allows you to not only move the TV left to right but also pull the TV down (up to 2 feet) for perfect TV viewing. This is great if you constantly find yourself needing the TV to...

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MantelMount makes TVs feather-light with piston power

Flat panel televisions are great, yet they are even better when positioned correctly. What does this mean, exactly? Well, if you’ve have to suffer screen glare, or awkward sitting to find the best viewing spot, you’ve been doing it all wrong. That’s why some genius invented wall mounts to improve on home viewing experiences. Read Full Article

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MantelMount Surpasses Goal on Kickstarter by 345% within First Week of Launch

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sore necks and glare due to flat screen TV's mounted too high on the wall are now a thing of the past. MantelMount (, a new kind of TV mount, allows anyone to easily pull a flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace & swivel it left...

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