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Pull Down TV Mounts

The MM340 Standard Pull Down TV Mount sets the standard in quality and safety for entry-level Pull Down TV Mounts.
$ 229.00
Our most popular mount, the MM540 Enhanced Pull Down TV Mount gives you true safety and our complete functionality and feature-set.
$ 399.00
The multi-award winning MM700 Pro Pull Down TV Mount is a perfect blend of heavy duty construction and smooth full range motion.
$ 699.00 $ 499.00
The 2nd Pro Series mount includes recess box, more vertical travel, 4 top echelon gas pistons for larger TVs and also clears deeper mantels.
$ 899.00

Mount Accessories

Allows MM340, MM540 or MM700 center arm to fold into a custom-built wall opening for a 1.75" flush-to-wall TV storage. To recess the MM340 or MM540 also order the SSB40 Adapter.
$ 179.00
Replacement for our wall plate when it can't reach your studs. Also used in installations to large posts or beams. Needed with the RB100 Recess Box if recessing the MM340 or MM540 mount.
$ 34.99
A horizontal adapter for surface mounting to shelves or recessed alcoves, and support for brick facades & stone panels. For these uses the MM340 or MM540 need both AB40 & SSB40 Adapters.
$ 89.99
A direct replacement for MM340 & MM540 mount installations in which the wall studs are more than 16" apart. These plates reach studs that are up to 32" apart.
$ 34.99
An RB100 Recess Box accessory, the RBE10 Recess Box Extenders are for stud distances of up to 34" apart when recessing a MantelMount to a wider than average stud placement.
$ 29.99
An add-on accessory for the MM340 Standard Mount, these paintable covers hide the wall surface mounting plates. They also serve as replacement covers for the MM540 mount.
$ 34.99

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