MantelMount In The News

“MantelMount Has Two New Pull-Down Mounts”

“New CEO KC Bean at MantelMount And Bill Boyer as Director of Sales”

“CEDIA 2016: MantelMount Debuts New Professional Series of TV Mounts, the MantelMount 700”

MantelMount Wins CEPro Best Award For MM700 at CEDIA


MantelMount's Pull down TV Wall Mount was a 2016 InfoComm Best of Show Winner:

"Honestly, in Bangkok there aren’t many fireplaces, but the Mantel Mount is much more versatile than you might think. In my edit suite, I have times when I am editing that I need my 60″ 4K UHD monitor down low at eye level..."

MantelMount: Fireplace, Meet Television
"And the reality is that you won’t need to crane your neck, and can help put your movies where they belong- right in front of you, at eye level."

MantelMount was selected for a Vesta Award for Outdoor Room Equipment

“MantelMount -The Newest way to hang your TV looks cool and is easy on the eyes”

Mounting your TV over the fireplace is a horrid place to put it, but unfortunately many times it’s about the only place in the room where you really can – especially in a lot of modern houses.

In November 2014, MantelMount launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital needed to start manufacturing its pull-down, over-the-fireplace TV mount – and was overwhelmed by the support.

Mantel Mount is one of the five smart products to create the home of the future today

Mantel Mount is a 2015 CEDIA EXPO award winner for "Most Creative New Mount"

"Accommodating flat panels up to 80 inches, MantelMount enters competitive category with features that include lowering and swiveling TVs for better viewing; company looking for dealers and distributors to add to direct-to-consumer model.”

“MantelMount was nominated for Best New Product and it has been receiving glowing five-star reviews from customers. If you install flat panel TVs, MantelMount could be exactly the mount your company has been missing! ”

“The MantelMount caught my eye because it brings the TV out and over your fireplace mantel and allows you to view it at eye level. There are a number of wonderful things about the mount, however. First off, it uses pretty standard components, like automobile-grade lifters (similar to the ones that you’ll find lifting the rear glass on the back of an SUV). It allows you to slightly pivot your TV once its lowered for left and right angled viewing.”

“MantelMount Pull Down TV Wall Mount showcased by KUSI News's "Muscleman Of Technology" Bruce Pechman.”

“MantelMount is pleased to announce their revolutionary, over-the-fireplace television mount has been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious CEDIA “Best New Product” award, which will be awarded at the upcoming Cedia Expo, October 14-17, 2015, in Dallas, Texas.”

“Tech Startup MantelMount is Changing the Way You Watch TV. Startup company MantelMount decided to fill a void within the TV industry: an easy to swivel mount that also contains heat sensing technology.”

“There are plenty of TV mounts available these days. Not all of them allow you to adjust the angle of your TV after you have installed them. The MantelMount is different. It is an above the fireplace TV mount that lets you pull a large flat screen TV off the wall, swivel it left or right, and suspend it in front of you. The MantelMount combines automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and advanced counterbalance technology to allow you to get more out of your TV viewing experience…”

“There are plenty of ways to mount a TV to a wall but I just saw this new product called Mantel Mount. It allows you to not only move the TV left to right but also pull the TV down (up to 2 feet) for perfect TV viewing. This is great if you constantly find yourself needing the TV to face a different direction because of glares of lights or windows or furniture placement…”

“The risk to you is low. MantleMount is already in production, and has many satisfied customers. It includes safety features, such as heat sensing handles that will let you know if the temperature above your fireplace is exceeding safe limits. It comes with accessories to help you hook up your TV, and with clearly written instructions.”

“By this time, there isn’t a whole lot of new that can be added to TV wall mounts. It seems like it’s fairly basic. However, one inventor has put a slight twist on a ubiquitous product to make things just that much better. The MantelMount does exactly what it sounds like – mounts large screen televisions above fireplace mantels. What’s a little different is the hardware that makes these heavy devices appear light as a feather. MantelMount uses automotive pistons to provide muscle and lift, that little kids could easily raise and lower TVs with just their fingers…”

“If there’s one thing movie buffs love, it’s their home entertainment set up. Being able to watch movies in the best possible way is the goal of many cinephiles, and every now and then, some cool technology comes out to make it even better. A new wall mount for your flat screen recently hit KickStarter for funding, and managed to nail it’s goal, and triple it, in only a few hours…”

"Putting the TV above the fireplace is always a bit of a gamble. First of all, try holding your face above the fireplace for a while. How does it feel and smell? Now imagine all of that heat and debris going into your TV.

Of course, a lot of people don’t actually use their fireplace, making mounting a TV above it—still a bad idea. The viewing angle is the absolute worst, unless you’re the type that really appreciates a nice, sore neck. Well, one company is hoping to change that with the MantleMount…”

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