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MantelMount Adds Accessories to Expand Installation Options

MantelMount Adds Accessories to Expand Installation Options

Single Stud Wall Adapter, Horizontal Adapter Bracket Help Create Wider Variety of Installation Options

FEB 6, 2018

MantelMount has introduced two new accessories, intended to make MantelMount available to consumers with unique installation needs.

Because MantelMount, until now, has required two wall studs for mounting, the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter is a welcome addition for consumers with only one available stud in the mounting wall. Used in conjunction with the MM340 Standard Mount, the MM540 Enhanced Mount, or the RB100 Recess Box, the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter serves as a direct replacement for the included wall plate when it is unable to reach the existing stud placement.

Customers with a single stud centered in the intended mounted area can attach the SSB40 to their MantelMount lifting arm in the same manner as the wall plate. However, the SSB40 features mounting-hole configurations specifically for these single-stud installations, as well as installations to large posts or beams (common with outdoor patio installations). A small, unobtrusive device weighing just 3.4 pounds, the SSB40 adapter features a Matte Black Power Coated to match the MantelMount units.

A second accessory, the AB40 Adapter Bracket, offers a solution to homeowners who want to install their MantelMount unit horizontally instead of the more common vertical method. The AB40, weighing just five pounds, acts as a horizontal adapter for the MM340, MM540, and MM700 Mounts, providing a 90-degree bridge between the wall plate and the TV mount lifting arm. This allows the wall plate to lay flat on a horizontal surface such as a large shelf or inside a recessed alcove. (The AB40 Adapter Bracket must be paired with the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter when mounting an MM340 or MM540 to a horizontal surface. The MM700 mount attaches directly to the AB40 Adapter Bracket and does not require the SSB40.)

Used in conjunction with the SSB40, the AB40 can also serve as a pass-through support for thin brick facades or simulated foam “stone” panels that will not support the weight of a MantelMount unit independently.

“We knew there were consumers unable to enjoy the benefits of MantelMount because of some minor installation challenges,” said Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount. “These new accessories address the two most common installation issues and open the door for these consumers to begin enhancing their TV-viewing experience.”

MSRP of the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter is $34.99; the AB40 Adapter Bracket is $59.99. MantelMount offers free domestic shipping in the United States. Both products are available at www.mantelmount.com

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