Get Your MantelMount Professionally Installed

Blink and it's done ... leave the work to certified OnTech TV technicians

A Professional TV Installation Option For You

OnTech Smart Services, a division of DISH, now offers nationwide installation on our MM340, MM540, MM700 & MM815 pull down TV mounts*

Service Includes:
  • For 51"+ TV Installation on Drywall or Brick/Stone
  • Personalized set up of all AV equipment and remote
  • Fast Flexible Scheduling
  • 100% Insured & Guaranteed
  • Power relocation and In-wall cable management**

Certified Nationwide TV Installers

Get your MantelMount and 51" or larger flat screen TV installed by certified nationwide TV installers. Ontech will install and configure your TV and take care of all the heavy lifting! Enjoy personalized service that starts with installation and ends with you mastering the ins and outs of your new TV.

Professional Indoor TV Installation

Expert installation of your 51" or larger flat-screen TV. OnTech will check for loading and balancing and neatly dress wires and cables.

Personalization & Setup

OnTech will recommend the best location and viewing angle for your TV, connect your AV equipment and program the remote.

Optional Home Theater Upgrades

On-the-spot upgrades include power relocation, in-wall cable management and the purchase and installation of sound bars and surround sound.


* OnTech does not offer installation on the MantelMount MM750, MM860 or any Recessed Installations with the RB100 Recess Box.
** Power relocation and In-wall cable management are not included with installation but are available for an additional fee.

NOTE: MantelMount does not perform installations and has no responsibility or liability for OnTech installations. OnTech connects individuals to local certified professional installers who will install your TV and MantelMount. These professional installers are not employees, subcontractors, or agents of MantelMount. While OnTech is a network of thousands of experienced and vetted TV installers, in certain cases it could be their first time installing a MantelMount.

NOTE: You can schedule installation as soon as 5 days from your MantelMount purchase date, but consider leaving a few extra cushion days to assure you have the unit in time for the scheduled appointment.

Have product or install-related questions? We pride ourselves on our consultative support!

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