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Super Bowl Means Super Opportunity to Get Your MantelMount

  OK, with just a little over a week before Super Bowl LI (that’s “51” in Roman-numeral world), you’ve got another great opportunity to get a MantelMount for your home.  In fact, there are a number of reasons why the big game is the perfect occasion to invest in the premier pulldown mount on the market: Super Bowl, Super Viewing. The Super Bowl is one of the most widely viewed sporting events on TV.  Of the top 20 most watched TV broadcasts ever in the United States according to Nielsen, 19 were Super Bowls.  The epic Super Bowl XLIX (otherwise known...

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Still Not Sure About Buying a MantelMount? Let's Talk.

   We’re pretty sure that with MantelMount, we have the premier, pull-down flat screen TV mount in the industry.  From the standpoint of features, construction, cost, and ease of installation, we’ve got everyone else beat.  And that's not just us saying it.  It's our customers (check out our online reviews), our awards (including the CE Pro Best TV Mount at CEDIA 2016), and our media coverage that do the talking for us.   But there are still some skeptics out there.  Some people need more convincing than others.  That’s fine.  We get it.  In fact, we welcome every opportunity to...

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New Year's Resolutions? MantelMount Can Help You Keep Them

  It’s that time, when many of us make resolutions for the coming year.  Whether it’s a promise to lose weight, find a better job, or stop biting your nails, we strive to make ourselves – and our lives – a little bit better.  Most resolution “experts” (not sure how you become one) contend that a great way to ensure you stick to your promises is to make them as specific as possible.  For example, don’t just say, “I’m going to be healthier.”  Instead, commit to a specific number of times you will go the gym each week.  Or if...

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Do Us Both a Favor: Buy This Pull-Down TV Mount, Already

In this blog, we try to provide general information about mounts, televisions, TV-viewing positions, and other helpful tidbits.  We also try to entertain you with some lighter material on occasion.  We don’t sell our MantelMount Pull-Down TV Mount™ too hard because 1) we don’t want to be obnoxious, and 2) we believe that it sells itself.  Oh, we always mention it in our blogs (our bosses would be upset if we didn’t), but for the most part, we try to stay away from the hard sell. Not this time.  With Christmas and Hanukkah bearing down on us, it’s time to...

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How Far Should You Sit From Your TV?

While your purchase of MantelMount can take you far down the path to the land of optimal TV viewing, there are other factors involved in getting you to your final destination.  One of them is the distance you should sit from your TV screen.  There are a number of articles online talking about the optimum distance between you and your TV, so we’ve filtered through a number of them to cull the best advice. The process can be a bit tricky.  If you sit too far back, you run the risk of losing the sharp detail that you paid for...

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