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Is It OK to Mount Your TV Above the Fireplace?

Ever since flat screen televisions were developed, there has been extensive discussion about whether they should be mounted above a fireplace.  Many interior design experts have poo-pooed the idea, citing it as “lazy” designing or decrying the fact that the television should never be the visual focal point of a room. Of course, regardless of your aesthetic sensibilities, opponents of this design trend could always resort to a more practical argument: mounting a flat screen television over a fireplace creates a poor viewing angle: at that height, the television is generally going to be well above eye level, which means...

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MantelMount & Thanksgiving: The Perfect Match-Up

OK, so you already know that MantelMount is absolutely the best pull-down mount on the market for flatscreen televisions, especially when you’re mounting above a fireplace.  Moves up and down, swivels left to right, heat-sensing handles, great construction.  Most importantly, MantelMount puts your TV at the perfect viewing angle, lowering it so that you are seeing the picture directly at eye level.  This eliminates the neck and back pain that can come from a TV mounted too high, either above the fireplace or up on the wall.  MantelMount is a great product and will make your TV viewing more pleasurable...

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What's Your Position on TV Viewing?

We’ve pretty much established that MantelMount is the premier pull-down mount for flat screen televisions.  Once you pull the mount down and get it focused at eye level, you’re going to enjoy TV much more, while eliminating the neck and back pain that often happens from looking up at a TV that is placed too high on the wall.  But then we got curious.  We started wondering, how do people watch TV once the MantelMount has been pulled down into position?  We’ll bring the picture down to the optimal viewing angle, but once we’ve done our part, what do our...

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