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MantelMount November Newsletter 2020

  MANTELMOUNT’S INSTALL OF THE MONTH WINNER Louis L. of Loveland, OH.  “Expecting a baby and looking at playpens, we quickly realized what little space we had in our main living room area, where we spend the most time. Looking to make up some space, we came across  MantelMount at a friend's house and saw his kids watching TV on the lower level,...

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MantelMount October Newsletter 2020

MANTELMOUNT’S INSTALL OF THE MONTH WINNER Victor C. of Liverpool, NY.   “This was a post-Christmas project after purchasing my home in December 2019. The inherited television situation in my "Great Room" was unacceptable and awkward - a TV off to one side of the fireplace with obstructed views everywhere. An additional problem was, I had no schematic for what was...

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7 Best Decorating Ideas for Above the Fireplace

An indoor fireplace is enticing, not just for its heat but also for its smell, sound, soft lighting, and the atmosphere it creates. In addition, a fireplace provides a focal point for a room and plenty of character. There are many ways to decorate above a fireplace. For example, a mini bookcase or a TV hiding behind a wooden door....

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How Can You Mount a TV on the Wall Without Studs?

Now that you have taken your new TV out of the box, how do you plan to mount it on the wall? Before you immerse yourself in watching your favorite movies and shows, you’ll need to find the right place to mount the TV. But, there’s one tiny problem - you don’t have any studs for the TV mount, or...

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Do Curved TVs Need a Special Mount?

You’re the proud owner of one of those cool, curvy new TVs—congratulations! It’s good to see it sitting pretty on the media console. Except… it does take up a lot of surface area, and the furniture holding it up limits where you can position it. As this beauty is a bit bulkier than the average flat-screen, you need a sturdier...

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The Best TV Wall Mount Ideas in 2020

Maybe you’ve just moved or maybe you’re tired of staring at the same four walls while housebound in the pandemic. Either way, you’re ready to refresh the decor, or perhaps move around the furniture, to get a new look.It makes sense to start with the spaces you spend the most time in—the living room, the bedroom, the den. Also, we’re...

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