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Popular MantelMount & Feature Questions

Are there install manuals and videos?

Will MantelMount fit my TV and wall space?

What is the average delivery time on your discounted ground shipping?

Where can I find a professional installer or dealer?

How will lowering my TV better the viewing experience?

Why choose MantelMount as my Pull Down TV Mount?

Why is MantelMount Much Safer Than Other Mounts?

What's involved in upgrading from an installed MantelMount(340l540l700) to the MM815 Motorized Mount?

Do you have a customer gallery of install images?

Do you offer “pay later” options?

Why do the handles on the MM540, MM700, MM750 and heat sensor on the MM815 turn red at 110-degrees?

What is the patented Auto-Straightening feature?

What is the patented Auto-Stabilization Feature?

What are the Adjustable Stops?

Why use the MantelMount handles?

What industry awards has MantelMount won?

What if I have more questions?

Policy Questions

Do you have a warranty?

What is your shipping policy?

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

How do I execute a return?

What is your cancellation policy?

Accessory Questions

What accessories do I need?

What is the SBK00 Universal Sound Bar Adapter Kit?

What is the RB100 Recess Box Kit?

What Is The SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter?

What is the SBXL Above TV Sound Bar Adapter?

What Are The WPC00 Wall Plate Covers?

What Is The AB40 Horizontal Adapter Bracket?

What is the GS60 Thin TV Gap Spacer?

What are the EC43 Cable Routing Boxes?

What are the RBE10 Recess Box Extenders?

What is the SK50 Surface Install Kit?

Specs and Manuals

Are there install tips, manuals and videos?

What are the TV mounting requirements?

How much weight can MantelMount support?

What size TV can I mount with the MantelMount?

How much clearance above the TV is needed?

How far can MantelMount lower your television?

What if I have a centered wall stud?

Is there space for a center speaker?

Can you tilt MantelMount?

Installation Questions

How do I adjust the lifting force tension on the MantelMount?

What kind of wall can I use the MantelMount on?

Can a MantelMount be recessed for a flush-to-wall appearance?

How do I attach the MM815 Lifting Arm to the RB100 Recess Box?

Can MantelMount easily be installed into a stone or brick fireplace?

What about my sound bar?

What's involved in upgrading from an installed MantelMount(340l540l700) to the MM815 Motorized Mount?

Does MantelMount work with thin brick facades or simulated stone panels?

Can MantelMount be mounted horizontally to a flat surface?

Will my TV automatically stay in the down position?

What if my TV has a center-of-gravity that is not in the center of the set?

Can MantelMount be posted to a large beam or post?

What if I don't want to route wires behind the wall?

Required Tools

What tools will I need for installation?

Are there any optional tools I might need?

Where would I find a stud finder?

Can I use a cordless drill as a screwdriver?

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