Art Sesnovich | September 15, 2020

MantelMount: Fireplace, Meet Television

Not everyone needs, or has, a fireplace. Modern houses, small apartments lack them and folks in Hawaii or Florida probably don’t miss them. But for everyone with a fireplace of any size, either in a log cabin or a classic New York City townhouse, you probably don’t have it running every season. And when you aren’t gathered around it for warmth, you might very well be enjoying the television in its place. After all the hearth is the heart of the living room, but the modern main attraction is often the entertainment center.

Sure, there are mounts for every size of TV, but most of them leave open the empty space above the fireplace and they can’t fit nicely above it either, which is typically rather too high for easy viewing. Enter the MantelMount- a flat screen LED or LCD mounting solution that solves both problems at once. Originally a Kickstarter project that raised over $120,000, it’s now available widely and to every consumer who could use one. The boast is that it offers excellent adjustability, with full control over tilt and swivel, ensuring the perfect viewing angle. And the reality is that you won’t need to crane your neck, and can help put your movies where they belong- right in front of you, at eye level.

The first and most obvious question: what sort of TVs can it accommodate? The answer is good news: just about any large one, as it is designed for TVs between 48 inches and up to 80 inches diagonal, between 30 and 115 pounds. In the box is everything you’ll need for use with a wooden wall. And whether you have a stone or brick mantel, you can set it up fairly quickly and easily, using anchors to secure everything tightly- they aren’t included though are easy to pickup at any hardware store. We’d suggest professional installation if you’re not comfortable with a drill, but it’s not so bad- some careful measurement, leveling, and standard tools with the possible exception of the need for a socket wrench. Hiding cables is pretty simple too, if you are OK drilling into your walls. Otherwise, a nice added bonus is the inclusion of cable routing boxes.

After it’s all setup, you’ll be able to raise or lower your flat panel TV with the touch of a lever, up to two feet with minimal effort. Seriously, it’s easy enough for your mom to do it. We weren’t able to test it out, but the MantelMount can even work with curved TVs. Made from automotive pistons- no joke- and lightweight alloys, it’s an impressive piece of gear, solid and stable and well-constructed. Paintable panels hide the hardware, and heat-sensing handles turn red if they are too hot (if your fireplace has been keeping your warm). All in all, it’s a must-have addition, if you have or have considered getting a TV for above your mantel. The MantelMount isn’t cheap, but is fairly-priced compared to other competitors, and it offers features that no one else comes close to. Available now, online and in stores, expect to spend around $399.

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