It’s NOT Weatherproof UNLESS it’s WeatherMounts!

While WeatherMounts is the first actual weatherproof TV mount, it's important to understand why all others claiming to be "for outdoors" simply aren't.

This weathered TV mount, which is sold on the market as an "outdoor" and "weatherproof" mount, serves as an example. Its condition is the result of a 720-hour salt spray test we conducted, along with UV light exposure and 24-hour thermal cycling between temperatures of 60°F-100°F. This test simulates the elements a mount would encounter over the course of a year outside a beach house. Does this look "weatherproof" to you?

To learn more about how all mounts prior to WeatherMounts failed the weatherproof test, continue reading below!


How WeatherMounts Became Our Mission

One of our owners was sitting on his brother's beautifully furnished patio—a meticulously designed outdoor living space in San Diego that had already seen an $85,000 investment. He noticed a streak running down the stone wall near a mounted 65" outdoor TV (which had cost $4,500 at the time) and asked, "What's causing that streak?". Sadly, his brother replied, "It's rust from the TV mount." Despite being advertised as an outdoor-grade mount, it had corroded to the point where it was a wonder the TV hadn't fallen to the ground yet.

Given his background as a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in designing TV mounts and oceanographic instrumentation, our owner embarked on a passionate and thorough investigation into the designs of all the "outdoor TV mounts" available on the market. After finding serious doubts and concerns upon inspecting several proclaimed "outdoor TV mounts," he enlisted the help of chemists and metallurgists to validate his research. Together, they conducted comprehensive element testing, which they called "The Weatherproof Challenge," to evaluate additional brands.

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The Weatherproof Challenge

The team determined that conducting a 720-hour salt spray test with UV light exposure and 24-hour thermal cycling between temperatures of 60°F to 100°F would serve as the optimal barometer to distinguish between "weatherproof" and "weather-susceptible" mounts.

This comprehensive test effectively simulated the conditions a TV mount might encounter over the course of a year outdoors, particularly in coastal environments, while also accounting for the significant variations that can exist across different geographical locations. Factors such as water, sunlight, salt, oxygen, high and low temperatures, and more were all taken into consideration during the Weatherproof Challenge to address the diverse needs of the broad market.


How Other Brands Failed the Weatherproof Challenge

Once the team thoroughly examined the condition of each tested mount, they identified several reasons for failure:

  1. Prominent Use of Commercial Grade Steel: Many of the so-called "outdoor TV mounts" were made of commercial grade steel, which is not resistant to corrosion or rust. Despite some of them being powder coated, this coating alone does not provide adequate protection when paired with insufficient steel for outdoor elements. It appears that brands choose commercial grade steel for its lower cost, but the quality and durability suffer as a result.

  2. Combining Dissimilar Metals: Several mounts used stainless steel hardware (nuts, bolts, washers), but employed commercial grade steel for other parts of the mount. When two dissimilar metals come into contact, it triggers galvanic corrosion, also known as "bimetallic corrosion." This electrochemical process causes one metal to corrode in preference to the other. Brands that mix different metals in their products jeopardize the overall condition of the mount, the TV, and the surrounding area.

  3. Insufficient Coatings: Insufficient coatings, particularly on commercial grade steel, result in coating scratches, especially during TV mount installation. Scratches on the coating lead to corrosion and rusting of the TV mount, putting everything in its vicinity at risk. Inadequate coating can even lead to steel corrosion without any noticeable scratching. With the exception of WeatherMounts, every "outdoor TV mount" tested lacked sufficient coating for outdoor elements.

The First Weatherproof TV Mount is Born

Once the team identified the shortcomings of other brands, they dedicated the following year to developing a genuine outdoor TV mount that would provide outdoor enthusiasts with the quality and reliability they deserved.

WeatherMounts is designed with five essential components in its weatherproof formula:

  1. The First Mount to Use Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  2. All Parts and Hardware Made of the Same Steel
  3. Thorough Steel Passivation Treatment
  4. Proprietary Outdoor-Graded Powder Coating
  5. Isolation of All Metal Parts

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I Want WeatherMounts

1. The First 316 Stainless Steel TV Mount

WeatherMounts is the ONLY TV mount ever made of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel ("316 SS"). 316 SS contains Molybdenum, a silvery-white metal that is incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust, and it becomes even stronger in high temperatures. Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, 316 SS is commonly used in coastal environments, ocean vessels, and underwater devices like scuba gear, oceanographic buoys, boat deck hardware, railings, and more. 316 SS is the ideal steel for environments with high levels of corrosive elements, exposure to water, or fluctuating hot and cold temperatures. It is the only steel specifically prepared to withstand the elements that an outdoor TV mount will inevitably face.

In contrast, the other "outdoor TV mounts" available on the market are typically made of commercial grade steel, which is of poor quality, or some may use 304 Stainless Steel. While 304 SS, which also contains Chromium and Nickel, is a decent steel with its own merits, it lacks the Molybdenum content found in 316 Stainless Steel, making it significantly less resistant to corrosion and rust when used in outdoor environments.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of rust and chemical resistance, commercial grade steel would rate around 2 out of 10, 304 Stainless Steel around 6 out of 10, and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel a perfect 10 out of 10.


2. All Parts & Hardware Made of the Same Metal

All WeatherMounts parts and hardware are made of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion. Unlike WeatherMounts, many of the other brands we tested use one type of steel for parts but a different type of steel for hardware. This is a significant mistake. Using different types of steel will lead to galvanic corrosion, which is an electrochemical process where two dissimilar metals in contact continuously corrode, with one metal corroding in preference over the other. Once this corrosion occurs, the integrity of the mount and its surrounding area is compromised.

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3. Passivation Treatment of the Steel

To prevent contamination from carbon steel tooling, our 316 Stainless Steel undergoes a thorough chemical cleaning process after tooling. This cleaning ensures that our steel is free from any carbon steel particles, allowing the Passivation process to fully cover the surface of our steel. During the cleaning process, any carbon steel particles are meticulously etched away, leaving behind pure 316 Stainless Steel.

While 316 Stainless Steel provides much greater resistance to corrosion than commercial grade steel or even 304 Stainless Steel, it still needs to be treated properly to ensure its durability outdoors. When stainless steel is exposed to air, it naturally forms a protective oxidized layer on its surface, known as "Passivation." This Passivation layer helps prevent the formation of rust. However, if the stainless steel is contaminated with micro particles of carbon steel from the tooling process, these particles can penetrate the Passivation layer and quickly rust. This rust then spreads into the unprotected stainless steel, compromising its integrity. This is a common problem with other mounts on the market, but not with WeatherMounts.


4. Outdoor Graded Proprietary Powder Coating

WeatherMounts' proprietary powder coating is specifically graded for outdoor usage, setting us apart from several brands we tested. Our coating has lower porosity compared to average powder coatings, ensuring that water cannot penetrate through to the steel. Additionally, our coating includes titanium dioxide, providing genuine UV resistance and preventing any deterioration or cracking of the powder coating.

Since we chemically treat and clean the steel for passivation, achieving durable and reliable adhesion of the coating to the steel is much easier with WeatherMounts' proprietary powder coating.


5. Isolation of All Metal Parts

WeatherMounts effectively isolates all metal parts from direct contact by utilizing plastic spacers, washers, and bushings. This preventive measure is crucial because when metal parts come into contact, they can scratch each other, leading to issues with the coating and eventually resulting in corrosion and rust. By incorporating plastic components, which are less rigid than the coating, any potential scratches are harmlessly absorbed.

While all WeatherMounts parts and hardware are crafted from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, it's important to note that some of these components are produced through extrusion, while others are rolled in sheets or welded. Due to these variations in manufacturing processes, it is safest to ensure that all metal parts are isolated from one another, even when using 316 Stainless Steel, to prevent galvanic corrosion.


The Only Outdoor TV Mount For You

For those who are interested in understanding the key factors that make a TV mount "weatherproof" and want to protect their investment in their outdoor living space, this page is dedicated to you. We recognize your genuine concern in finding the perfect TV mount, and we have put in extensive effort to ensure that we offer a comprehensive market solution.

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