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MantelMount is an entirely re-imagined, fully-optimized home entertainment experience. Our patented technology and full-range motion make MantelMount a premium solution like no other. MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel, but also allows you to easily pull your TV down off the wall and position it at eye level in front of a fireplace. This delivers to you the highest levels of comfort and picture quality. MantelMount also has triple the amount of performance and safety features as your standard TV mount. You're not just buying "another TV mount" with MantelMount. You've created a new room. A home theater experience to WOW your guests with. Maximized TV viewing enjoyment is guaranteed for the whole family.

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Why MantelMount?

Because you've never enjoyed watching TV like this before. Our patented safety and performance features set us apart from any TV mount ever made.

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The MantelMount Experience

A TV Mount Designed For Home Entertainment Connoisseurs

The Perfect TV Picture

Only Happens At Eye-Level.

For the highest quality TV picture, manufacturers suggest the bottom 1/3rd of your TV screen be BELOW eye-level. Viewed from a standard distance, however, the typical height above a fireplace will be well above the manufacturer-suggested viewing height. This causes significant degradation in TV brightness, contrast and color gamut (the accuracy and reproduction of color from a TV screen).

Most of us care too much about our home entertainment to settle for a lackluster TV picture. By pulling your TV down towards eye-level with MantelMount, you're assured a much finer picture color and clarity, as well as your greatest level of enjoyment.

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Looking up is a pain in the neck.


When a TV's mounted too high, there's more at stake than just your picture quality...there's your health. Placing a TV high on the wall moves the image you’re trying to watch well above the recommended eye-level. Craning your neck into an unnatural position for any extended period of time is going to cause discomfort, but doing so for even short periods of time, day after day, can have lasting effects. With the easy-to-use, full-range motion of a MantelMount, say goodbye to common neck strain, eye irritation, headaches and fatigue caused by a detrimental TV height and angle.

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Easy Installation

If you can install a flat-screen television mount, you can install MantelMount. Our complete, easy-to-follow PDF installation manuals can be printed out or viewed on your smartphone, and you can watch our quick install video guides as well.

Prefer to leave the installation to a professional TV installer? Companies like OnTech Smart Home Services(a division of Dish Network) offer nationwide installation service on our MM340, MM540, MM700 & MM815 mounts.

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Anatomy of a MantelMount

The Most Performance-Based, Feature-Loaded TV Mount Ever Built

Patented Construction

High-quality automotive pistons, lightweight alloys & state-of-the-art counterbalance technology

Exclusive Features

Paintable covers, heat-sensing handles, soundbar adapter, adjustable stops, auto-straightening and more. (features vary by model)

Solid Construction

Made with heavy-duty steel and the finest of materials

Full-Range TV Motion

Mounts range from 24”-30” vertical, 25°-60° swivel, 0-9° tilt, and 12”-20” off the wall travel

For Large Flat Screen TVs

MantelMount holds TVs from 20-125 lbs and 44”-100” depending on your model

Flexible Payments

Interest-free installment option available


Have product or install-related questions? We pride ourselves on our consultative support!

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