Mantel Mount | February 14, 2023

What Size TV Mount Do I Need for My TV?

If you’ve ever purchased a new tv, you know the process can be a little arduous. Between trying to decide the right size tv for your space and finding the right type for your viewing habits (a Smart TV, high-def,...

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Mantel Mount | February 14, 2023

The Best TV Sound Settings for Movies, Shows, Sports, and More

When you think of television, the first thing you likely think of is the picture and how whatever show, movie, or sport you are watching looks in an aesthetic or visual way. However, the audio experience should not be neglected....

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Hannah Overhiser | February 14, 2023

Where to Put a TV When There's No Wall Space

Houses and apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. From open concept floor plans to more traditional-style homes with walled off rooms, every layout presents a unique challenge for a homeowner. One particular challenge for homeowners and renters moving...

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