Mantel Mount | May 30, 2024

Mounting a TV on Uneven Stone Can Be Tricky and This Is How We Recommend Tackling It

There is something special and alluring about a rustic stone fireplace or stone accent wall. It’s eyecatching and it brings both ruggedness and warmth to any room whether that happens to be a den, living room, or a covered porch with a captivating view.

In addition to adding a formidable architectural feature to any home, stone walls also can be massive — much taller than a typical 8-10 ft interior drywall. This can make an interior stone wall a fantastic place to display a giant entertainment center with a giant tv.

If the decision is to create a tv-watching experience with an uneven stone wall as the backdrop in the home, there are some considerations to take on before adding a stone wall tv mount, including having the right tv mount and guaranteeing the want to have a tv mount on the stone wall is at 100 percent.

What to Know Before Mounting a Tv on an Uneven Stone Wall

Before mounting a tv on a wall of any material, there are quite a few items to consider before you start drilling and measuring. For one, you have to choose the right sized tv for your space, discover the right tv height for optimal viewing, and add any baby-proofing to hide wires.

Another consideration to make, after you’ve found the perfect tv for your space and the correct hanging height, is to choose your tv mount. For a wall with surmountable height, like a grande stone wall in a large den, you may want to consider a mount with a moveable arm. MantelMount creates tv mounts that can stand up to walls of any size, shape, and material — including stone. For instance, the MM540 Enhanced Mount has a 30° swivel range, 9° tilt, and has a vertical travel span of 27”, making it a great option for large open concept rooms or a tv mounted high on the wall.

If the stone wall in your home is actually a stone fireplace, there are additional considerations to make before you mount your tv. In this case, the first step is to identify if the working fireplace is gas or wood-burning. From there, discover if the fireplace’s material is truly stone or hollow. The thickness of the material will determine the best way to hang your tv. 

How to Mount a Tv on an Uneven Stone Wall

If you are looking to install a stone wall tv mount that does not have a fireplace, similar to installing a tv mount to a brick wall, it might take some patience and another set of hands. Stone, like brick, can have an uneven surface, making it less straightforward to secure your tv bracket than a smooth section of drywall.

The first step is to prepare, gather all of the material you need before installation. You also need to ensure you have the correct size mount for your tv.

If you’re installing a MantelMount wall mount, the installation steps and FAQ sheet can guide you through the basics. Whether you are learning how to mount a tv on an uneven stone wall in your living room or the exposed brick wall in your bedroom, there are some universal tools you will need for the job.

What You’ll Need:

  • An awl
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bit
  • A set of Allen wrenches
  • Bubble level
  • Stud finder
  • Open end/box end wrench
  • Socket wrench 

Now the tricky part, mounting your tv on an uneven stone wall or stone fireplace. It’s very important to proceed with installation carefully and methodically. If you’re installing a MantelMount tv mount specifically, you can reach out to anyone on our customer support line at 800-897-9755 x1, or contact us via email

Stone Wall Tv Mount Tips & Common Questions

Our friendly customer service team is always fielding questions about tv mounting best practices. So, we wanted to get one of our experts to weigh in on some of the most common questions and considerations that come up when our customers want to mount a tv into a wall made of unconventional material, like stone.

Question 1: “What should I be aware of before buying a stone wall tv mount?”

There are a handful of things to think about before a homeowner purchases a tv mount — for a stone wall, brick wall, or any other type of wall — but especially one for an uneven stone wall. Before buying an expensive tv mount, double check the integrity of the stone as the first step and determine whether it is a facade, veneer, or real stone.

Usually, a facade or veneer stone wall will have studs behind it, which likely means simple lag bolts can be used for mounting through the wall to the studs. However, if the stone is real, a proper concrete anchor, sleeve anchor, or masonry anchor will be needed for the tv wall mount installation.

Question 2: “Are there any special considerations to take into account with the mounting and installation process on an uneven stone wall?”

When deciding on the type of mount, think of which would be best for your viewing experience. Although the most popular mounts are static mounts (which are the basic wall mounts), swivel mounts and articulating mounts that usually have a swing arm that travel outwards and move left to right and pull down mounts, such as the MantelMount tv mounts, might allow for better tv-watching.

After figuring out which type of mount you prefer, another consideration to take into account is the structural support behind the stone wall. Is it concrete, studs, solid stone, or nothing?  In order to select the proper anchor, you must know what type of support is behind the wall.

Once the type of mount and structural support are known, then you must discover the proper anchor type. You want to ensure that you have the correct anchor for your application whether it is a concrete, masonry, or sleeve anchor. Be aware that not all wall mounts come with the proper anchors for each style of application so make sure that the anchor is able to withstand the proper weight.

Question 3: “What are some things I must know before mounting a tv on an uneven stone wall?”

There are a few things to keep in mind prior to making the step of putting up a stone wall tv mount:

  • Check, multiple times, the measurements for all of your mounting points to minimize mistakes of creating holes in stone.
  • Ensure the integrity of the stone is in good shape and not crumbling.
  • Make sure all of the proper tools and hardware are on hand including hammer, drill, proper anchors, and drill bits.
  • Try to pick the most even part of the wall on the uneven stone wall while also having purchased a depth adjuster as a workaround. The easiest solution to working with the uneven stone wall would be to purchase hanger bolts, with some washers and nuts. Post-installation, the nuts can be used to adjust the wall mount to create a flatter or even plain.
For more tv mounting tips and ideas, be sure to check back regularly with MantelMount’s blog or check out our customer gallery for inspiration before your next DIY project.