Spencer Greenwald | May 30, 2024

How to Prop Up a Flat-Screen TV Without a Stand: DIY Guide

Flat-screen televisions have become an essential piece of household technology. However, whether your setup uses a tv without a stand or works best displayed on a console or tabletop, your flat screen and its hardware are fragile and need to be properly installed to ensure their longevity.

If the decision is made to use a tv without a stand, then a pull down television mount might be best; but if a tv stand is wanted, there are some ways to, essentially, create a DIY tv stand mount. Also, these makeshift tv stands can be used if you’re still deciding on where to place a MantelMount tv mount, such as the MM540 Enhanced Mount.

So until you can make the dream of having your television mounted above your fireplace — or maybe you’re simply unsure of where to place your tv when considering the size of the space you have then keep these DIY tv mount stand ideas in mind.

DIY TV Stand Mounts and Other Alternative Ideas

We’re all guilty of tossing out the accoutrement that comes with a new technology purchase. Whether you accidentally tossed out a charger container or something more substantial like the tv stand your tv originally came with, you have some options when it comes to finding a replacement or crafting your own solution.

Thrift it.

Rather than making a DIY tv stand mount right off the bat, thrifting for one second-hand might be an option to consider. Plus, if you’ve thrifted before, you may already have an idea of where to look, in which case, this may be the quickest option (and the most fun).

Before you go thrifting, make sure you have a slip of paper or a note on your phone with the proper tv model number. This number is likely found on the product information label on the corner of the back of the flat-screen television and will allow you to better match any tv stands you may find to what your television requires.

Despite having the tv model number and finding a stand match through thrifting, be careful with the quality of the stand as the condition of secondhand items can run the entire range from poor to excellent.

Make a DIY tv stand.

If you’re the creative type who likes to take on projects, this solution is right up your alley. A quick scroll through Pinterest, YouTube, or your favorite blog will show you a variety of ways to make a DIY tv mount stand. 

These options also show a range of materials, from wood and tubes to reusable items, that you can grab around your house. This can be a really cost-effective and sustainable solution. If DIYing a tv stand is your preference, you will see that it provides a lot of freedom in how you build your homemade tv base. From old televisions consoles and furniture to easels and old metal frames, you can use whatever works best for your needs.

Upgrade to a pull-down mount.

If you’re searching for how to prop up a tv without a stand, the best way might be using a tv without a stand by choosing to go down the route of a pull-down tv mount. If you’ve been looking for a way to declutter the area around your television so your entertainment area is not as crowded, opt for a MantelMount tv mount.

Before purchasing any wall mount, familiarize yourself with common bracket terminology you might read about when searching for a tv mount, in addition to understanding the VESA standards for your television.

Types of TV Mounts

Fixed-position wall mounts work as the name suggests: these mounts place your TV flat against the wall in a fixed place and position. Once fixed-position wall mounts are in place, they cannot be adjusted. Keep the factor of adjustability, and a pleasing viewing experience, in mind if you are looking for using a tv without a stand or are searching for wall mounts.

Fixed tv mounts.

Not only is the fixed bracket the most common type of tv mount, it’s also the easiest to install. Fixed brackets are a great option for those that want a low profile mount. However, if you are swayed on having one in your home, note that a downside to a fixed mount is that they do not allow for screen adjustment like a tilt or swivel mount.

Tilting tv mounts.

Unlike fixed TV mounts, tilting tv mounts offer a bit more flexibility to the viewer in terms of the entertainment experience. These also are mounted flat on the wall, but they allow for some viewing optimization since the tv can be tilted up or down, five to fifteen degrees on average. The ability to tilt the tv allows for some grievances to be resolved, like better tv angles. Depending on how high you are looking to mount the tv, such as you mount it over a fireplace mantel, a tilt mount might not be the best solution.

Pull Down tv mounts.

Pull down tv mounts are a popular type of mount due to their capacity of movement. They can be used to adjust your tv to the optimal height and viewing angle, providing a better picture quality and a more comfortable viewing experience. Pull down tv bracket mounts have a vertical travel movement, swivel capabilities, and the ability to tilt. 

Full-Motion tv mount.

Another option besides a tilting mount or an articulating mount, would be a full-motion television mount. Full-motion tv mounts would likely offer the best viewing experience after taking into consideration the pull-down, swivel, and tilt functionalities.

The versatility of full-motion tv mounts make watching a tv without a stand a thing of the past. Through using a full-motion tv mount, not only does the height matter as the tv is more suited for those watching at eye-level, but the picture will be clearer. 

Whether you are wanting to utilize your tv without a stand, investing in a pull-down tv mount, or getting creative by using a DIY tv stand mount, there are options to choose from when considering the best way to watch your favorite show or movie.