Spencer Greenwald | January 31, 2024

The Best Way to Mount a Flat-Screen TV

If you’re a homeowner or have a little experience with DIY-home projects, we bet you think mounting something on a wall is a piece of cake. And, usually, it is. However, mounting a flat-screen TV - an elaborate, fragile, expensive, and heavy glass object - onto the wall is a whole other ball game.

Put on your reading glasses and start taking notes, because we are going to walk you through the process of successfully mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall step-by-step.

Materials you will need:


  • Stud finder
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Wire molding (or in-wall power extension)

Step 1

It all starts with picking a good TV mount. To a large extent, the quality of this project depends on how strong your TV mount is.

A run-of-the-mill, fixed TV mount can get the job done if your expectations are low, but your experience will be rather limited. Firstly, since it is a fixed TV mount, a lot of time, thought, and careful measurement must go into deciding where exactly to mount a flat-screen TV. This is because this type of TV mount offers viewers zero adjustability due to it’s “fixed” position, an even bigger issue if your plan is to wall mount a flat screen TV high on the wall, such as above the fireplace.

Not to worry, though, because there is one TV mount on the market that does not limit the viewer experience in any way. MantelMount is a revolutionary tv mount designed to assure complete TV viewing pleasure. The cutting-edge automotive gas pistons and patented counterbalance technology lets you easily adjust the height, direction, and angle of your flat-screen TV to whatever is most comfortable for you. It is an adjustable full-motion TV mount that allows you to dive into your favorite movies and TV shows without any of the pain points common with a standard fixed TV mount. Say goodbye to neck pain, eye strain, headaches, or any other trouble you may have from an ill-installed TV using a fixed TV mount.

What’s more, if you're one of the many now mounting a TV above the fireplace, most MantelMount models even include a patented heat sensor handle, ideal for mounting a flat-screen TV above the mantel. The handle not only allows for safe and easy TV pull-down, but it turns bright red when the temperature of the TV environment hits 110°, alerting you that it is time to turn off the fireplace and/or stow the TV in the raised position for the well-being of your electronics.

Step 2

Now it’s time to get installing! Firstly, find your stud finder. If your flat-screen TV weighs under 80 pounds, using just one stud to mount it on the wall should be okay with many TV mounts. Larger units, however, require some additional support that may require two or more studs. It's best to check the weight of your TV and stick to the recommended stud suggestions of your chosen TV mount . Next use your viewfinder to locate the appropriate number of studs.

If using a MantelMount for hanging a flat screen tv over the fireplace, these installations typically require two wooden studs no further than 32” apart, but MantelMount does offer a single stud adapter accessory for single stud use-cases as well.

Step 3

Raise your wall mount against the wall to see how high you want to attach it. Mark off the measurements carefully on the wall with a pencil. Use your drill to make holes in each of the decided spots.

Pro tip: use a drill bit that is a little bit narrower than the size of the screws or bolts you are using to mount your TV mount on the wall. This will ensure a tight, firm grip.

If you are trying to wall mount a flat-screen TV over a fireplace - or a difficult-textured wall, like stone or brick - MantelMount is, once again, your best choice due to its patented features that have been specifically designed for hanging a flat screen tv above the fireplace.

Step 4

Attach the TV wall mount to the wall with the screws you received with your kit. Make sure you have the right wrench or tools to get this done. Then, gently lay your flat-screen TV down screen-first on a soft surface. This is so you can attach the other half of the mount bracket to the back of the TV.

Step 5

Now comes the tough part: deciding how to make all of the tangled cords and cables disappear. Luckily, you shouldn't need to learn any new magic tricks! Some TV mounts offer a built-in wire management feature. MantelMount even includes cable anchors and hooks, so you can thread your wires and neatly organize them along the lifting arm of the mount.

Step 6

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far without a hitch. Now, it's time to add the crowning glory to this project, i.e., actually mounting the TV on the wall. This has got to be the easiest part of the entire process. The bracket attached at the back of your TV should perfectly slide into place with the wall-mounted bracket. Smooth as butter.

Voila! There you have it. Mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall made easy with a foolproof, six-step process, brought to you by MantelMount. If you want to find out further - do curved tvs need a special mount, read here to know more..