Mantel Mount | May 30, 2024

How Entertainment Experiences are Transformed with TV Mounts

Most of us grew up with televisions in at least one room: the living room. Once the 2000s hit, then many households “grew up” and TVs were peppered throughout a home, whether that was a TV in the kitchen and office, in addition to the living room, but also sometimes it created an addition to a game room or bedroom.

Because TVs are synonymous with entertainment, they can mean a great deal to TV users. Besides a career and going to work, much of our adult lives can be attributed to being with family and friends and having leisure time, with quite a bit of that leisure time being split between athletic or physical activities and more relaxing endeavors such as watching a movie or sporting event.

Because TVs are such a large part of our collective lives, and with that is the evolution of television technology in addition to television accessories, like TV mounts. So, we had to ask, alongside other questions: How have MantelMount Pull Down TV Mounts or Motorized TV Mounts changed the entertainment aspect of our lives?

In this blog, we delve into the personal and meaningful changes TV, entertainment, and TV accessories like TV mounts have made lives for the better from a few people who have that first hand experience with MantelMount TV mounts.

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Chad L from Indiana

Marie L from Florida

David L from Colorado

Art S from Massachusetts

CHAD L: Having an Elevated Entertainment Experience and Better Quality of Life

For Chad, although he hadn’t heard of MantelMount previously in the past, it was the solution for what he needed.

Before photos of the MM815 Motorized Drop Down and Swivel TV Mount

“I saw someone mention it on reddit. I had never heard of the brand, but it was mentioned as a solution to having to mount a TV over a mantel. I was stuck because it was the only place in my fiancee's house that would work.”

After photos of the MM815 in a customer's home

What’s more, Chad explained that installation of his MantelMount MM815 Motorized Drop Down and Swivel TV Mount went well, despite just one hiccup.

“The installation went smoothly — the only thing I had to adjust was the height I mounted the box I built — as I had incorrectly assumed that the TV mounting holes would be vertically centered and forgot that they never are. It took some time but it was worth the effort. I constructed the box/frame out of 2x6's and painted it white to match the mantel trim. Everything else went very smoothly and I was blown away with how well it worked when everything was mounted and adjusted.”

After photos of the MM815 in a customer's home

The best part of having an elevated entertainment experience? Chad and family and friends are wowed by the MantelMount’s movement.

“The hydraulic/remote movement. That blows everyone away. Friends and family love it and are always surprised that it's motorized. Quality of life has definitely improved — the TV is now at a height that is a joy to watch, and sometimes I make slight tilt adjustments to nail down the angle depending on where I'm sitting, which is great for both immersive movies and video games.”

After photos of the MM815 in a customer's home

Marie L: Enhancing the Aesthetics and with No Neck Pain

Marie’s experience highlights the quality enhancements to the aesthetic of a home. With the MM540 Enhanced Drop Down and Swivel TV Mount, that means not only do Marie and her family and friends enjoy a better-looking room, but also, having a flat screen TV that’s mounted and can drop down to a better spot alleviates any pain in the neck.

Photo of a customer's home living room before the MM540

“When we decided to redo our fireplace wall we knew we wanted a large TV above the fireplace to make the house look modern. But with it high up, how were the kids going to sit on the floor and play their games on TV without straining their necks? It was the contractors’ idea to put the MantelMount up and boy are we glad we did. Now when we have large groups over, everyone can see the TV and when the kids want to play we just lower it with an easy pull. And we can even get it lower than the picture shows. We get so many compliments on it! We’re so happy we made the investment.”

Photo of a customer's home living room after the MM540

David L: Experiencing a Different Level of Entertainment with a TV Mount Upgrade

David’s experience with his entertainment area had to do with incorporating a Samsung Frame TV that allows for artwork to be showcased when the television is not in use. Like in David’s case, there are many different levels of entertainment that can be used with televisions (video games are the biggest beneficiary), but artwork is fast becoming a way to soften an area and not seem as stark when the TV isn’t broadcasting a movie or a show.

For those upgrading televisions while also looking to complement with a TV mount (possibly like our MM700 Premier), look to the MantelMount blog on things to know before buying a new TV.

Here, David explains some of the thinking behind the choice of upgrading the choice of TV mount from the MM540 Enhanced to the MM815 Motorized.

Photo of a customer's home living room before the MM815

“While we were building our home and choosing windows over walls, we realized we needed a TV solution that would work over the mantel. We identified MantelMount 540 with the recessed RB100, and paired it with the Samsung Frame TV. Because we were building, we were able to have the stone installer provide clearance for the mount, meaning the TV sits flush against the stone.”

Photo of a customer's home living room after the MM815

“As soon as the MM815 came out (hooray!), we replaced the 540 with the 815, which conveniently works seamlessly with the RB100 recess box, and we absolutely love the ease of electronic operation! Now height is not a factor for who can watch TV! Worth every penny to upgrade from the 540 to the 815, and it took almost no time to swap out due to the compatibility with the RB100!”

Like David’s solutions on purchasing the MM815 Motorized and RB100 Recess Box, our TV mount accessories can provide for an even greater TV mount transformation than you thought.

GIF of the MM815 Motorized TV Mount in a customer's home

Art S: Entertainment Evolution That’s Changed TV-Viewing Habits

For Art, his entertainment experience has evolved over the course of a few decades. In his own words, here’s how he has seen the industry change.

“I purchased a MantelMount unit soon after the company started back in 2014 (the model I have doesn’t even exist anymore). But almost 10 years later, this workhorse shows no signs of wear. It moves as smoothly as the day I installed it. More importantly, I can honestly say that it changed my TV viewing experience.”

“It wasn’t always this way. Up until MantelMount, my TV mounting history was a sad tale of weird viewing angles, damaged TV’s, and poorly-made furniture. As I reviewed this history, I could only shake my head and marvel at my ignorance. Frankly, when it came to creating the optimal TV viewing experience, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.”

“We have only one wall where a TV could be mounted, and it was above a fireplace. For a few months, we put the TV on a cheap, fixed mount in the space above the mantel. While it did hold the TV in place, it made for a horrible viewing experience, as my wife and I were constantly craning our necks to watch our favorite programs. And if we watched for more than an hour, we both got neck pains (she had the added pleasure of back pain).”

From a first family TV to becoming familiar with the bulkiness of a large entertainment center or a square TV on a box in college and beyond, Art emphasizes that with newer technology, such as TV mounts and the ability to use a remote control to decrease pain in the neck from viewing angles, having a TV mount transformation is just what he and his family needed.

Image of the MM540 in a customer's home

“MantelMount changed all that. For the last decade, we have had an eye-level view of our TV screen, which eliminates the neck craning (and the pain that goes with it). What’s more, there is absolutely no loss of resolution since we are watching the screen head-on; as a result, the picture is much more vibrant. We can even swivel it side-to-side, so depending on where we choose to sit (or if we have company), we can turn the TV into the best position for everyone to see.”

“I’ve especially enjoyed the MantelMount when I watch sporting events. I’m not sure if it’s just an illusion, but when the TV is down at eye level, it creates a feeling of being closer to the action – much more immersive. All in all, our MantelMount has truly elevated our TV-watching pleasure. I’ve also recommended it to a number of friends, all of whom have had the same enthusiastic response that I’ve had.”

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