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Tech Guru Dave Taylor reviews the MantelMount MM540 Enhanced Pull Down TV Mount

Reviewed by tech expert Dave Taylor
Originally Published on Sep 26, 2017
Updated on August 26th, 2022

I watch a lot of shows and movies on my 4K TV; there are so many good things to watch! Problem is, where to actually put the tv? I can have it on a tv stand but then it just sits. Boring. Instead, I opted to mount it above the mantel of my fireplace. It's a perfect spot and the contrasting wall color behind even makes the image pop. 

But mounting a tv above a fire has one huge lurking danger: Heat! That's why I opted for a MantelMount MM540 tv mount. Attached to the wall, it lets me push my tv flush against the wall when not in use, and pull it out and down, then swivel it to get just the right viewing angle. Great! Better yet, the MantelMount tv fireplace mount has a heat reactive handle so it'll quickly alert you if your tv is being exposed to damaging heat, before the tv gets damaged. A must-have for any smart installation. 

In this MantelMount MM540 review video, tech expert Dave Taylor of Ask Dave Taylor has the MantelMount MM540 installed and shows off its various features and capabilities. Watch the MM540 review below!