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The Pull Down TV Wall Mount

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All You Need to Know About Mounting a TV Above the Fireplace

  Picture a spacious yet cozy living room, with comfortable couches, a coffee table, a toasty fireplace, and above it, as a finishing touch, the family tv. For many households, coming together at the end of the day looks like hunkering down on the couch to watch a beloved show.   You may have an abundance of space in the...
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Common TV Bracket Terminology for the Next Time You're Shopping for TV Mounts

  Whether you’re buying a new home or a new car, large purchases in life always require a bit of research. Many new homeowners, for instance, first learn about escrow accounts when they’re in the process of making their first down payment. A car buyer on the other hand, may be introduced to a manufacturer’s credit offer. If you’re in...
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Renter-friendly TV Mounting Tips for Those Who Are Moving out, Moving in, and Everything in Between

  Whether you’ve recently moved in or have been living in your apartment for a few years, making a rental your own requires some creativity. Projects like hanging artwork, painting walls, and upgrading hardware could cost you your security deposit and cause you to pay a hefty price for some small improvements. Luckily, with a little elbow grease and a...
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Mounting a Tv on Uneven Stone Can Be Tricky and This Is How We Recommend Tackling It

  There is something special and alluring about a rustic stone fireplace or stone accent wall. It’s eye-catching and it brings both ruggedness and warmth to any room whether that happens to be a den, living room, or a covered porch with a captivating view.   In addition to adding a formidable architectural feature to any home, stone walls also can...
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Should You Really Have a TV in Your Bedroom? Or Is It Bad for Sleep?

  Since the beginning of time, humans have used different methods to lull themselves to sleep. From reading by candlelight to playing an ambient noise machine, getting into the right headspace to drift off to sleep is key to achieving the recommended 8 hours.   Now, it’s true some sleep methods are better than others. For instance, you should not...
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Don’t Feel Discouraged If Your Mounted TV Looks Crooked: Here’s How to Fix It Yourself

  If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s our personal opinion that the living room is the soul. From holiday celebrations to lazy Football Sundays, your living room is likely the hub of everyday life, and for that reason, it’s important that every aspect of your living room functions the way it's supposed to.   One of...
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