Mantel Mount | April 20, 2023

Benefits of Mounting a TV in High Traffic Rooms

One of the first questions people ask themselves after moving into a new home or buying a new tv is, “Where should we put the TV?” While TV placement in the living room is the most obvious choice for many...

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Mantel Mount | April 20, 2023

What Size TV Mount Do I Need for My TV?

If you’ve ever purchased a new tv, you know the process can be a little arduous. Between trying to decide the right size tv for your space and finding the right type for your viewing habits (a Smart TV, high-def,...

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Hannah Overhiser | April 20, 2023

Where to Put a TV When There's No Wall Space

Houses and apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. From open concept floor plans to more traditional-style homes with walled off rooms, every layout presents a unique challenge for a homeowner. One particular challenge for homeowners and renters moving...

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