Mantel Mount | March 25, 2024

Benefits of Mounting a TV in High Traffic Rooms

One of the first questions people ask themselves after moving into a new home or buying a new tv is, “Where should we put the TV?”

While TV placement in the living room is the most obvious choice for many homeowners, there are several other high traffic rooms to consider for mounting a television.

Dive in with us as we look for where to put a TV in your home and the benefits of placing a television in these particular places.

TV Placement in the Living Room

The living room is likely the greatest area of traffic in your home, which makes it a great place for this kind of entertainment. If you decide to put a television in the living room, here are some things to consider about its placement.

Where to Put the TV in the Living Room

There are several factors to consider for your TV placement in the living room: should you hang the TV on the wall, set it on an entertainment center, or position it a certain way for the optimal viewing angle? This depends largely on your living space.

Where you decided on placing your tv with an open concept living space is going to differ slightly over placing one in a living room with a traditional layout.

Open Concept TV Placement

For an open concept living space, choose a focal point of your living room — maybe a fireplace, the front of a window, an alcove — and hang the tv on the wall around that focal point. Since your furniture will likely be facing this direction, this is the optimal placement for a wall-mounted screen.

When wall space is limited, use this guide for some additional living room ideas to consider. If an open concept tv placement aesthetic is what you end up deciding is best for your home, a MantelMount pull down tv mount — customers love the MM540 Enhanced, while the MM700 Premier is our in-house favorite —  is ideal for this type of situation to ensure that the space is utilized in the best possible way.

Traditional Living Room Placement

If you have a traditional living room layout to your home, consider the optimal tv placement based on where you will be watching your favorite shows or sports games. Create the ideal viewing angle and viewing distance based on the seating area.

A common problem homeowners face with traditional living room layouts is how high the fireplace mantel is or how out of the way the television would be in the corner of the room. With our pull down tv mounts, neither location is a problem because you can easily pull the tv out to where you need it to go for a comfortable viewing experience!

Buy a Pull Down TV Mount for Your Living Room

Wall-Mounted Television in the Kitchen

Do you ever find yourself straining to watch the television from the kitchen? Maybe your family has a movie on but you need to start making dinner, your favorite sports team is playing, or you actually need to see the tv to follow a recipe you’re cooking.

Whatever the reason, here are some of the benefits of having a tv mounted in your kitchen:

  • Complete household chores. If you have barstools, a breakfast nook or the dining room near your kitchen, your family can sit and watch the movie while you clean up. Better yet, they can help you clean while they watch.
  • Don’t miss out on your favorite sports games. If you’re hosting friends and family for a game or match throughout the year, you can still watch the game while preparing or serving food to your guests.
  • Become a better cook. Watching cooking channels can inspire even the most novice cook to get into the kitchen and make a delicious meal. Having a television in the kitchen makes this even easier.
  • Watch your favorite shows. Do you find yourself unable to watch your favorite shows until after the kids go to bed or once you’ve taken the dog out? Watch them on a kitchen TV while you clean up or meal prep for the week.

Where to Put a TV in the Kitchen

Where you put a television in your kitchen will depend on the wall space you have available and the size of your TV.

Small TVs

For smaller TV screens, consider an under cabinet TV mount. This can be placed on the underside of your cabinet or on the wall in between your cabinets and countertop if you don’t have backsplash.

Two points of consideration if you are going to use an under cabinet TV mount: 

  1. Keep in mind the amount of space you’ll need to pull the television out from under the cabinet as it is attached to the wall.
  2. When using an under cabinet TV mount, you will need to measure (and measure again!) the television to ensure that, when attached to the pull down tv wall mount underneath the cabinet, that the TV will fit within its surroundings. 

Large TVs

If you don’t want to experience eye or neck strain watching the television in the kitchen — especially if you’re watching the cooking channel and following a recipe — consider a large TV for your kitchen. Our pull down wall mounts are a great option for this. Despite having a large TV, an under cabinet TV mount may work as a solution to watching television in the kitchen while also not craning your neck around the wall.

For breakfast nooks or empty walls next to the pantry, you can hang the TV on the wall with one of our wall mounts and pull it out to where you can see it while you cook or clean.

Place the TV in a Family Room

The family room is another high traffic room of the house, especially if you have guests and friends over with their kids. This is a great place to entertain the kids and/or have family movie nights. 

Additionally, you can use the family room to keep your living room screen-free, or have a television in both rooms so the kids can watch their shows and movies while the adults watch theirs.

Where to Put a Family Room TV

The ideal place to have a family room TV is mounted to the wall or on a TV stand. The reason we would recommend hanging the TV on the wall versus placing it on an entertainment center or TV stand is because it keeps wires and cords — if you’re looking for a way to be cord-free with your TV setup, try our EC43 Cable Routing Boxes — and your expensive screen out of reach of the kids.

Add a TV to Your Home Office

While a home office is probably not a highly trafficked room of the home, it can be a good place to hang the TV on the wall, especially if you work from home and spend a lot of time in your office.

Some of the benefits to consider for having a TV in your home office include:

  • Having the news on in the background so you can keep up with current events.
  • Watching your favorite sports games while you’re working, if your job allows for some multitasking, or to take breaks and watch throughout the day.
  • Using your office as another media space when you’re hosting friends and family. Maybe a group of you wants to watch a movie while another part of the group wants to watch a basketball game.

Where to Place a TV in Your Home Office?

If you have a job that allows you to multitask and minimal wall decor hanging in your office, consider mounting a TV on your office wall within view of your desk. If placed within view of your desk would actually distract your work, consider placing it within view of an office couch or chair.

Putting a TV in the Bedroom

There’s something really appealing about having a TV mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed. You can watch your favorite DIY shows or sitcoms right before bed after a long day at work, or during sick days when you can’t get out of bed.

Remember, however, that there are some downsides to having a screen in the bedroom, including making it harder to fall asleep and can disrupt sleep cycles. However, televisions can be great white noise sources that help to relieve stress. Regardless of where you land in having a TV in the bedroom, if you decide on putting a TV in the bedroom, it could be advantageous to at least know, if you ever do put one in the space, where to put a TV in the bedroom.

Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom?

If you decide you could benefit from having a TV in the bedroom, place it at eye level, whether you mount it on the wall or place it on a stand. While it isn’t always easy to get your television exactly at eye level and the correct viewing distance using traditional TV placement methods, our pull-down wall mounts make it easy to position the TV where it needs to go and pull it down to eye level when you’re watching a movie or show in bed.