Spencer Greenwald | May 22, 2024

Can You Wall Mount a Curved TV or Does It Require a Special Mount?

So, you’ve just decided to up your tv-viewing game with a state-of-the-art curved tv — congratulations! It’s good to see it sitting pretty on the media console. Except, it does take up a lot of surface area, and the furniture holding it up limits where you can position it.

As this beauty is a bit bulkier than the average flat-screen, you need a sturdier stand, a larger piece of furniture for supporting the extra weight. Could there be a better solution? Like a flat-screen television, can you wall mount a curved tv?

Can You Easily Mount a Curved TV?

The answer is emphatically, yes! With the right tv wall mount, there are no issues wall mounting a curved tv, just as you would a flat screen. After all, nothing is really different with the mounting holes; it’s merely the screen itself that’s curved!

Do Curved TVs Need Special Mounts?

Another simple answer, no. In fact, a MantelMount pull-down tv mount will likely work well for your curved tv! When speaking to compatibility, MantelMount’s models can support from 20 lbs to 125 lbs, depending on the model. Despite the larger size of the average curved tv (compared to regular flat-screens), wall mounting a curved tv will still be possible.

One caveat once you mount a curved tv is that optimal viewing requires you, the viewer, to be centered with respect to the screen’s orientation. However, what if your curved television is placed in an open concept room or in your bedroom with a different layout?

That’s when you’ll be glad for choosing a tv wall mount that provides a true full range of motion. MantelMount tv mounts can easily optimize your television viewing experience through changing the height and angle.

Another technical specification that should be considered is lighting. The right tv wall mount can make a huge difference for your curved tv’s performance in swiveling, tilting, and, best of all, moving vertically to adapt to the ambient light conditions in your new home theater.

Which TV Wall Mount Should You Get for Wall Mounting a Curved TV?

We’ll have to say MantelMount, of course, and with good reason! The patented technology and features for our wall mounts set the bar for safety, ease of use, and providing an optimum viewing experience.

If you have experienced issues with glare on the screen, or you’d simply prefer the best color, clarity, and picture quality from your television, you might want to consider any MantelMount tv wall mount for wall mounting a curved tv. With the ability to tilt, swivel, and, with vertical travel possible, regardless of if it’s the MM540 Enhanced Pull Down TV Mount or the MM700 Premier Pull Down TV Mount, these mounts will avoid screen reflection and give a better picture quality.

With pull down tv mounts allowing for shows to be viewed with the manufacturer-suggested bottom third of the screen below eye level, our tv mounts can help you have an even more sublime experience — with crisper, cleaner, and better picture and color quality — than you thought you could have with your television viewing.

The Best Way to Wall Mount a Curved TV

As an example, let’s say you have a Samsung curved tv, and a curved sound bar from Samsung to match. Can you wall mount a curved tv and sound bar together?

The tv installation is actually fairly straightforward — just check your wall material and stud positions, or lack of studs, and carefully follow the install manual of your chosen tv wall mount model. For the sound bar, you may need an extra piece — an L-bracket that is incorporated in most universal sound bar attachments and commonly purchased separately.

Why do you need this? It has nothing to do with the curvature of your television. It’s because this particular sound bar, like a few others on the market from LG, Bose, Sonos, and the like, has the mounting holes on the base of the sound bar, rather than the back (the more common position).

For another example, say you have a Curved LG Oled tv — does this change things? Yes, because of the vertical alignment of the mounting holes in the 200 x 300 x 120 pattern. Not to worry, though, as there are accessories on the market to accommodate non-standard VESA patterns. If you follow this advice and devise a plan before you tackle mounting your tv to the wall, you should have no problem mounting your curved tv!