Mantel Mount | June 28, 2024

The Best TV Viewing Angle for Watching Sports at Home

Sports fans have their own holiday calendar. Whether you’re into football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis or — yes, as it’s the fastest-growing sport in the US — pickleball, you have games you want to stay tuned in to, leading up to special events of the year. 

Here are some notable sporting events:

  • January - College Bowl Games
  • February - Super Bowl
  • March - March Madness
  • June - Champions League Final 
  • June - NBA Championship
  • June - US Open
  • July - Wimbledon
  • October - World Series
  • November - USA Pickleball National Championship

With so much to watch, you should have the optimal wall mount tv viewing angle to make you feel like you’re really at the game, even when you’re watching sports at home.

Why Does the Wall Mount TV Viewing Angle Matter?

There are many benefits to adjusting your wall mount tv viewing angle

Remove unwanted reflections and screen glares. 

Angle the television away from windows and lights to prevent unwanted reflections while watching sports at home.

Achieve a more comfortable viewing position for sports games.

Whether you pace back and forth or sit comfortably on the couch, you can find the best tv viewing position for your game-watching habits.

Watch your favorite sports games from different rooms.

If you have friends and family watching the game with you, you may have to go to the kitchen or another room to help prepare food, welcome guests, or check on kids. Depending on the layout of your house and the location of your tv wall mount, you can usually angle the television so you still have the game in view.

Prevent neck and back problems.

If your television is high up, maybe above your fireplace, or positioned in a weird place (i.e. the corner of the room), you may find yourself craning your neck while watching sports at home without even realizing it. Adjusting the wall mount tv viewing angle can actually benefit your spine and joints.

The Prairie Spine & Pain Institute notes that the angle in which we watch TV can actually impact our neck and spinal alignment, which could potentially lead to muscular imbalances and stiffness — in the neck, especially. If you start to notice neck pain that includes: increased stiffness, achy shoulders or headaches, it may be due to the angle in which you are looking at screens. 

Protect your investment.

You can find really great deals on flat screen televisions on Black Friday, or right before the Super Bowl, but they still cost a pretty penny when you buy a large, high quality television. If you don’t protect your tv viewing angle and make the best possible tv viewing experience for yourself, you may regret your purchase. 

Feel like you’re there.

Your tv viewing experience can have a big impact on how it feels watching sports at home instead of in person. Most fans would say they’d love to go to the Championship game of whatever sport they love, but with the cost of tickets, that’s not an option. Creating the best possible tv viewing experience at home can greatly improve your overall experience watching the game. 

Experience historic moments that last a lifetime.

Some of the sports games or matches you watch in your lifetime become lauded in your favorite sport’s history that are remembered for years to come. 

According to Nielsen, 19 of the top 20 most watched television broadcasts of all time in the United States were Super Bowls. Super Bowl XLIX (also known as “Super Bowl 49”) between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks tops the list at 115.2 million viewers. Additionally, if you were part of the 25.8 million US viewers that watched the FIFA Men’s World Cup Final in December 2022, that meant you were part of an audience that reached about 1.5 billion — yes, that’s billion with a b — people worldwide.

Whether it’s seeing Argentina and Lionel Messi lift the Jules Rimet Trophy, joining in the cheers of a game-winning Patrick Mahomes throw to one of his Kansas City Chiefs teammates, or taking in the Las Vegas Aces’ Becky Hammon becoming the first rookie head coach to win the WNBA Finals, historic moments like those deserve the best watch experience with the perfect tv viewing angle.

How to Create the Optimal TV Viewing Angle with Your Wall Mount?

Creating the optimal tv viewing angle with your wall mount is all about the type of tv wall mount you use, how your family enjoys watching tv, and the space you have to work with. 

Here is how to create the optimal tv viewing angle for watching sports at home

  • Make sure you have the best tv wall mount for your home. You want to find a wall mount that can not only turn from side to side but move up and down, particularly around structural obstacles in your home (for example, if you have your television mounted above your fireplace). If this is the place where you’re stuck, MantelMount can help! Regardless of the mount you purchase — whether it’s the MM340, MM540, or MM700 — all of our mounts come with the quality that is expected, as well as the safety features that make it easy enough for the young ones in your family to use.
  • Place your wall mount directly opposite the viewing area. Wherever you do most game watching — whether it’s on the couch or pacing back and forth in the kitchen — mount your television directly across from that space. Tucking your television back in a corner where you have to crane your neck to watch will lead to neck and back problems. 
  • Pull your television down to eye level. The reason you may need a tv wall mount that can be moved up or down is so you can pull it down to eye level. This is different for every family as they have different heights, home layouts, and tv watching habits. 
  • If you have your tv mounted above the fireplace or high on a wall, and you have a MantelMount, you can bring your television down to eye level for all of your sports games and experience comfortable, pain-free viewing. No neck aches. No eye strain. Great tv viewing angle. You’ll be able to fully enjoy every bad call, missed shot and needless foul but also every touchdown, homerun, goal, and basket.
  • Position your tv at the optimal viewing distance. Did you know there is an optimal viewing distance based on the size of TV you own? Audio Video Unlimited offers a great breakdown for this, which we have included below: 

  • Optimal TV-Viewing Distance for Sports Games

    TV Size

    Optimal Distance


    5 - 8.5 feet away from screen


    5.5 - 9 feet away from screen


    6.5 - 10.5 feet away from screen


    7 - 11.5 feet away from screen


    7.5 - 12.5 feet away from screen


    8 - 13.5 feet away from screen


    9 - 14.5 feet away from screen


    9.5 - 15.5 feet away from screen


    10 - 16.5 feet away from screen


    10.5 - 17.5 feet away from screen

    Source: Audio Video Unlimited

    You can create the optimal TV viewing distance a few ways: 

    • Choose a TV wall mount that can pull out toward you. Pull it out to create that optimal TV viewing distance. 
    • Position furniture at the right distance. Push furniture closer to the television or pull them further back to create that perfect TV viewing experience. 
    • Purchase a smaller or larger television. Some of our fanatic sports fans may not want to hear this one if your television is too large for your space, but this is one way to create a better TV viewing experience.

    Why a MantelMount Pull Down TV Mount Makes for the Best Wall Mount TV Viewing Angle

    We’ve gone through the benefits of a wall mount tv viewing angle and how to properly set one up, but if you don’t have a wall mount to begin with, you may be wondering, which tv wall mount should you choose? 

    Using some sports verbiage, here are a few reasons why we think our MantelMount pull down tv mounts offer the optimal wall mount tv viewing angle

    1. We are dependable team players. The MantelMount is the best pull down tv mount on the market. You don’t have to worry about it being able to handle the weight of your new 4K television.
    2. We have some smooth moves. Moving the MantelMount up or down is easier than any other vertical-moving tv mount. Anyone who can reach the handle can move the mount smoothly, owing to our patented construction.
    3. We can take the heat. An exclusive feature on our MM540 and MM700 models is that they come with patented pulldown handles that turn red at 110 degrees that serve as a warning of damage that could happen from the fireplace.
    4. We’ve got skills. The MantelMount TV pull down tv mounts have auto-stabilization to ensure that if one spring is stronger than the other, it won’t bias the mount and will maintain a level TV over time. It also includes adjustable stops to prevent any part of the mount from hitting the wall or mantel.
    5. We’ve been well-coached. Our coaches (inventors) built MantelMount from the ground up with no retrofits. They took no shortcuts on the engineering or the construction. They devised a sound game plan from scratch and executed it to perfection.
    6. We play great defense. While your TV viewing experience is one of our top concerns, nothing is more important than the safety of you and your home. We built MantelMount to defend what’s most precious to you by making it the safest pull down TV mount you can purchase.