Mantel Mount | May 22, 2024

Ask the TV Mount Experts at MantelMount: How to Attach a TV to an Existing Wall Mount

TVs have come a long way since the 50s and 60s. With superior sound and picture quality, modern TVs provide theater-quality from the comfort of the living room, or even the backyard. This evolution of quality also applies to TV accessories like smooth swivel mounts and booming sound bars.

So what happens when you do need to buy a new TV? Should you connect it to your old wall mount? If so, how do you attach the TV to an existing wall mount? Is it better in the long run to get rid of the old TV wall mount and purchase one to start anew?

Although you can reuse a TV wall mount by attaching a TV to an existing wall mount, what is the best course of action? Use an old wall mount or buy a new one? We help you sort out those questions, here.

Can You Reuse a TV Wall Mount?

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one: you can reuse a TV wall mount. But the question we often get is, should you?

Many wall mounts, whether it’s an old TV wall mount or a newer version of a wall mount, are VESA compliant. The Video Electronics Standards Association maintains standards across the display industry such as mounting hole distances, the number of holes, even the hole arrangement on the back of the display.

When deliberating if you want to reuse a TV wall mount, the first thought to come to mind should be if the wall mount is usable with your specific TV. If you have had a TV wall mount for a while, for the safety of you and your family, audit the wall mount. And by auditing the old TV wall mount, this is what we mean: Are there any bits that are degraded, rusted, or weak? What does the hardware look like and do any screws or bolts need updating? Is the mount structurally sound and sturdy in the wall?

If your current wall mount needs replacing due to wear and tear, it might be prudent to look at options for a new mount, and MantelMount is a great place to start. Every MantelMount pull down wall mount uses counterbalance technology and lightweight alloys to guide your TV into the best viewing position. Our MM540 Enhanced Pull Down TV Mount has a VESA compatibility up to 600mm and fits the vast majority of TV sizes.

Are TV Wall Mounts Universal?

Before deciding to keep or ditch your old TV wall, it’s fair to ask yourself “Do TV wall mounts fit all TVs?” Depending on if you have a new, or newer, television, it may be difficult to use your old TV wall mount because not all TV wall mounts are universal. 

Even though not all TV wall mounts fit all TVs, there are many mounting brackets that are universal. However, although some are universal, that does not mean all TV wall mounts are universal. And because not all TV wall mounts are universal, keep in mind the VESA guidelines and your TV’s size and screen size. If you would like to know more about VESA interface standards, read through our helpful guide for more information.

If you do decide you are happy with your current wall mount, keep these steps in mind when you attach a TV to an existing wall mount:

  1. Verify the VESA standards of your television
  2. Compare the approved VESA TV standards to the existing wall mount
  3. Match the back of the television to the brackets on the wall mount and, if necessary, modify the wall mount brackets through widening or shortening the length.
  4. Tighten up any loose screws and bolts
  5. Mount the television to the wall mount

Choosing a MantelMount Wall Mount

If you decide to purchase a new TV wall mount rather than keeping the old one, because of the MantelMount wall mount lifetime warranty policy, you might not need to buy another. Luckily, MantelMount products are used in a variety of ways, such as mounting a curved TV, mounting on a brick wall, or even as a baby-proofed, wall mounted entertainment center.

If you need assistance with installing your new MantelMount TV wall mount anywhere in your home, call our friendly and knowledgeable installers who are able to help you get your wall mount fixed and ready to use in little time.