Do Curved TVs Need a Special Mount?


You’re the proud owner of one of those cool, curvy new TVs—congratulations! It’s good to see it sitting pretty on the media console. Except… it does take up a lot of surface area, and the furniture holding it up limits where you can position it. As this beauty is a bit bulkier than the average flat-screen, you need a sturdier stand—a larger piece of furniture for supporting the extra weight...

Could there be a better solution? Can you mount it on the wall, like a flat-screen TV?

Can a Curved TV be Wall Mounted… and Easily?
The answer is emphatically yes! With the right TV wall mount, there are no issues in mounting a curved TV on your wall, just as so many of us have done with our flat-screen TVs.

After all, nothing is really different with the mounting holes; it’s merely the screen itself that’s curved!

Still Not Sure... Do Curved TVs Need Special TV Mounts?
For our part, we can tell you that the same MantelMount pull-down TV mount that your neighbor uses, knowing how high to mount tv on the wall, or perhaps even mount the tv over the fireplace, will likely work just as well for you.

You can rest easy about compatibility, too—MantelMount’s models can support from 90 lbs to 130 lbs, depending on the model. This means that, despite the larger size of the average curved TV (compared to regular flat-screens), you will be able to mount your curved TV high-on-the-wall, then pull it forward off the wall and then down to eye-level, and also swivel it left or right for the perfect angle… just as you would a non-curved mounted TV.

Now, we mentioned pull out, down, and swivel—and there’s a good reason for this, particularly because the one caveat from the curved screen is that optimal viewing requires you, the viewer, to be centered with respect to the screen’s orientation. But, what if your room layout has you just a tad off-center, and unavoidably so? Or, what if you want to watch a movie from the couch, yet still be able to catch the NFL while working at your desk on the other side of the room, or the morning news from your kitchen table? That’s when you’ll be glad for choosing a TV wall mount that gives you a true full range of motion. MantelMount helps you to easily optimize your TV’s height and angle for all of the different “TV viewing occasions” you have in your home. Although if you choose your bedroom, you can learn how high to mount tv in a bedroom.

Another technical spec you need to think about is lighting. Your curved TV will perform best in low-light conditions, as it is designed to mimic a movie theater experience. The right TV wall mount can make a huge difference for your curved TV’s performance in swiveling, tilting, and, best of all, moving vertically to adapt to the ambient light conditions in your new home theater.

Okay, Then… How Do I Wall Mount a Curved TV?
Let’s run through an example. Let’s say you have a Samsung curved TV, and a curved sound bar from Samsung to match. How do you wall mount both this TV and sound bar together?

Well, the TV installation is actually fairly straightforward—just check your wall material and stud positions if applicable and carefully follow the install manual of your chosen TV wall mount model. For the sound bar, you may need an extra piece—an L-bracket that is incorporated in most universal sound bar attachments and commonly purchased separately.

Why do you need this? It has nothing to do with the curvature of your TV. It’s because this particular sound bar—like a few others on the market from LG, Bose, Sonos, and the like—has the mounting holes on the base of the sound bar, rather than the back (the more common position).

Take another example: say you have a Curved LG Oled TV, does this change things? Yes, a bit, because of the vertical alignment of the mounting holes in the 200 x 300 x 120 pattern. Not to worry, though—there are accessories on the market to accommodate non-standard VESA patterns.

So, Which TV Wall Mount Should I Get?
We’ll have to say MantelMount, of course, and with good reason! The patented technology and features for our wall mounts set the bar for safety and ease of use:

  • We already mentioned MantelMount’s compatibility with curved TVs… no problems at all.
  • We did not mention—and we must!—that the pull-down handles on the MM540, MM700, and MM750 models turn red if the temperature of the mounting environment rises above 110 degrees. This is an excellent safety feature for those of us mounting the TV over the fireplace.
  • Why use a handle at all? It protects the well-being of your TV, with the downward pulling forces now being applied to the MantelMount instead of your fragile television.
  • MantelMount products have other terrific safety features, such as an installation safety pin to hold the mount in place while working on it, vertical and swivel stops to prevent your TV/mount from colliding with your mantel, and auto-straightening to prevent your TV from hitting the wall when raising it from a swiveled position.
  • All MantelMount models have the exclusive Auto-Stabilization feature which means even if one of the automotive gas piston springs should weaken over time, the stronger one will pick up the extra load to keep the TV level.
  • Remember when we spoke about keeping your curved TV in low light for the best picture quality? MantelMount can lower your TV by as much as 27 inches and swivel it up to 60 degrees, making it easy to position it to an optimal lighting angle for your curved TV.
  • A range of accessories allow for single-stud surface mounting, flush-to-wall recess mounting, mounting to a single bar or post, or even mounting it horizontally to a cubby or alcove shelf!
  • Add a lifetime warranty and UL certification for safety, and you can see there’s no headaches left—nor strained necks now with eye-level TV viewing!

But, which model should you choose?

  • If you have experienced issues with glare on the screen, you might want to consider the MM540 Enhanced Mount for TVs between 20 lbs and 90 lbs and with 45-inch to 80-inch screens. This MantelMount model offers up to a 9-degree tilt, and, when paired with vertical travel and swivel, should help avoid screen reflection.
  • The MM540, MM700 and MM750 have built-in sound bar attachments and heat sensor pull down handles.
  • The MM700 and MM750 accommodate larger TVs than the MM340 and MM540.
  • The MM750 comes with a built-in recess box for flush-to-wall mounting (but can also be surface mounted).

Even our standard MM340 is an excellent choice relative to basic fixed or tilt/swivel-only mounts. Our thousands of five-star reviews back up this claim, and the product is very economical at only $217!