Mantel Mount | May 22, 2024

Give Your Entertainment Space a Clean Look with Cable Management

Whether you have a home theater room or a makeshift home theater in the living room, there is one obstacle we all face when creating that perfect entertainment space: managing a mess of cords. 

Cords are critical to the functionality of our televisions, speakers, gaming systems, sound bars, and ultimate home theater technology, but figuring out the best cable management system so you can hide those wires from visitors, animals, and kids can be challenging.

When you mount your TV, you’ll find you can actually hide cords more easily so you create a safer space for your kids, animals, and physical health with the right TV-viewing angle. All you need is the right solutions for managing and hiding dangling wires when you mount your TV, so you can focus on watching your favorite game, movie, or TV show without wires to distract you.

3 Reasons Why You Should Put Cable Management Ideas Into Practice

1. Managing Cables Will Make Your Space Look Neat and Tidy

Most of us have been there when the Christmas tree lights come out of storage and family members need to be separated as voices get raised and frustrations rise. Light cables are similar in entertainment cord and cable management speak in the way that once the cords get intertwined, it can be a bug bear to get them undone. 

As more and more households come to the understanding that Christmas tree lights are easier to deal with when managed, the same goes for entertainment center cable management

2. Organizing Cords and Cables is Safer

Back to the holiday light scenario, many of us can understand the safety of factors that go into cords strewn about the floor leading to outlets. Any child or adult can be found to put their foot in a bad place and have it twist improperly thanks to an erroneous cord.

Plus, to keep animals from chewing on random cords, organizing cables and cords from entertainment equipment is much safer versus the alternative.

3. Cable and Cord Management makes Home Entertainment More Effective and Efficient

We’ve all had those moments when the TV doesn’t turn on or the video game console is glitching and it needs a restart or, as an IT person likely would say on the first instance, “Did you turn it off and on again?”

To ensure the correct cable is being pulled or taken out of the outlet to then put back into the outlet, cord management allows for some efficiency; especially if the efficiency includes small flags or tags on cords to identify what item they belong to.

Once you realize how much simpler life will be once your entertainment center’s cords, you will want to take advantage of MantelMount’s products that minimize distractions and will make your space look neater.

5 MantelMount Products to Minimize Distractions

Pull Down TV Mounts

MM815 Motorized Drop Down and Swivel TV Mount

All MantelMount pull down TV mounts come with cable tie anchors that attach to the TV mount’s lifting arm, so you can organize and conceal wires easily behind your TV. 


Cable Routing Box

MantelMount's Cable Routing Boxes

One of the best methods of cord maintenance is running them behind the wall. Our cable routing box was designed to route signal cables through a wall behind a MantelMount and blend in with the background using the included covers. You can eliminate the hassle of fishing wires through the wall with this large conduit accessory. 

Shop Our EC43 Cable Routing Boxes


Recess Box

MantelMount's Recess Box Product

Another great way to hide wires and your mounting hardware for a cleaner look is with our recess box. The recess box is easy to install and provides a super flush TV-to-wall storage space, concealing the mounting hardware within the wall and accompanying wires and cords that have been attached to the mount’s lifting arm. 

Shop Our RB100 Recess Box


Universal Sound Bar Adapter Kit

MantelMount's Universal Sound Bar Adapter Kit Product

In most newer homes, outlets are uniquely positioned on the wall where you might mount your TV, so hiding the cord to the TV itself isn’t the problem. However, as you add speakers and soundbars, that’s where more challenges come into play. With our new SBK00 Universal Sound Bar Adapter Kit, you can mount your soundbar on the bottom or the back of your TV so the wires can remain hidden behind the screen. 

Shop Our SBK00 Universal Sound Bar Adapter Kit


Wall Plate Cover

MantelMount's Wall Plate Cover Product

If you didn’t opt for the recess box, you may still want to cover the TV mounting hardware on your wall. That’s why we created our wall plate covers, which slide over the hardware to hide them from view. 

Shop Our WPC00 Wall Plate Covers