Mantel Mount | May 11, 2023

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

It’s easy to think of different ways to decorate a room, as there are so many possibilities to explore when it comes to home decoration. However, if the room size is small, you may feel a bit defeated when considering ways to decorate a small living room, even before you begin with the new set-up. Will the coffee table fit? How many articles can you use before it starts to look messy? Numerous questions of this nature can plague a person, but not to worry! We have found certain tips and tricks that will work out best for you when choosing small living room ideas. The following guidelines will help you to make the most out of the limited space.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room: Go Convertible

How do you decorate a small living room? When a person is shopping, keeping their room size in mind, it’s one thing to choose comparatively smaller pieces of furniture and an entirely different thing to choose something that is sleek. A piece of furniture that is small doesn’t necessarily mean it will help save room space. Yes, the size is important when it comes to choosing small furniture, but the design of that furniture can seem otherwise. A couch that is small, with protruding roll arms and wide cushions, which is placed in a small-sized living room, will feel bulkier than a larger sofa with clean lines and a slimmer silhouette. A bonus for saving the space would be to choose furniture that can be customized into shape. For instance, a convertible sofa that can allow for various different configurations can be easy to choose, as you can figure out a layout that perfectly fits your small living room. When you are figuring out small living room ideas, you should play with the concept of space and illusion. Furniture that is too big or too small can build the room out of proportion and look ‘whack’. Instead, focus on using furniture that is the right size. After all, if the main pieces or pivotal features are perfectly sized, nothing else can make the room look more put-together.

Bring Furniture That is Multi-Functional

In addition to considering convertible furniture, another tip is to look out for multi-functional items. For example, an ottoman that can double as a storage space. Lacking enough room means that a durable, multi-functional piece of furniture will be our safest bet, such as a pouf/stool that can easily convert into a coffee table. This furniture can provide space to keep a book or a remote. Further, it can function as an extra seating place when a visitor comes over. The same goes for investing in a storage box-bed or a sofa with storage under its seat, which allows for an easy way to clear any clutter in a moment. So, it’s important to remember that choosing multi-functional furniture can not only mean that it’ll be used for small living room ideas, but it can also look stunning, regardless of a room’s size or shape.

Opt for Visually Lightweight Furniture

How should you decorate a small living room? Furniture pieces that are light-colored/neutral have the appearance of being lightweight and making its surroundings such as the hallway or dining area look spacious. So, while shopping for living room pieces, opt for pale colors over darker hues and select leggy pieces, glass tabletops, and see-through furnishings that will make a room feel less constrained.

Distract with Statement Pieces

A living room that is limited in size doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot make a statement using a bigger piece of decor. You can pick one or two well-curated items, such as an eye-catching, authentic piece of artwork that speaks to you, or a bold and hefty light fixture, to create a dramatic moment or add a spark. Even an attention-grabbing accent piece can bring a fresh twist to a tiny space while creating contrast and intrigue. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to keep the rest of the room relatively clutter-free to balance out and draw the attention away from the size of the room.

Easy-to-Move Furnishings Are a Must

Small living room ideas for decor mean that you should add a bare minimum number of items and furniture, or else there won’t be any space left to move. It is better, then, to go for a small-scaled sofa and petite-looking furnishings. Although, if there is still the need for more small living room decorating ideas, try using furniture that can easily be moved, like stools or nesting tables. This will not only create more floor space, but will ensure that you have enough seating and surfaces to cater for everyone present.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas: Create a Focal Point

Small living room decorating ideas: The center of your living room should be dedicated to a focal point, which will give the illusion of a much larger space. Having a television with a pull-down and swivel TV mount in the center of a plain and empty wall will make the room look bigger. Also, since it’s a functional item, this will keep the focus off the size of the room once you learn the best way to mount a flat screen TV. The TV will grab your guests’ attention. Further, the empty space surrounding it will give a spacious appearance. You can even think about mounting your TV over a fireplace.

Utilize Your High Ceiling

You can choose to take advantage of the height of your ceiling when considering small living room ideas. A room with a higher ceiling can be utilized in cases of rooms with smaller widths when the height of the room appears to make the room look bigger and adjusts the space well. One way to utilize the height is to install a high bookshelf, starting from the top of the wall. Alternatively, go for a full-sized window that runs up and down through the height of the room. This will bathe the room in natural light and make it look out of this world. The height can also be utilized by placing an extra bed on the top, with a ladder installed.

Trying Out Unique Layouts

Small living room ideas may also involve experimenting with different living room designs for small space layouts. Placing the sofa set adjacent to each other, or adding a center table to it, might look good. Placing a floor lamp behind a sofa, or a tabletop lamp on top of a small side table near the edge of the sofa, can also be one way to go about it. You can also choose to get a wall-mounted TV and place the screen right in front of the sofa set. This option will help you to relax on your recliner or lounger while watching your favorite television shows.

Creating the Right Amount of Wall Space

Aside from lamps and lights, there is a whole range of living room accessories to explore when it comes to thinking about small living room ideas - even a good old clock can do wonders. You can also use some of the space on the walls to add vintage pieces, or put up some lovely photo frames - a walk down memory lane. Antique china and sheer curtains also go well with this sort of room decor. A set of mirrors, or frames of 90s celebrities, can also draw an attractive appeal to the seating area. In many cases, people overlook the walls of their living room in order to find extra storage space around the house. Why not use the wall for small living room ideas and leave it bare for no reason? All that space is a great place to push a high-back bench with storage underneath, or have a cabinet for storing expensive utensil sets to decorate a small living room. Your visitors can also feel comfortable sitting on the bench/trunk, which has been placed up against the wall, without knowing there is storage below. Similarly, a folding table can also be opened up in front of the bench when one has company, then later put away.

Introduce a Large Mirror to Create an Illusion of Space

A well-positioned large mirror can instantly reflect more light into the living room, creating the impression of extra space. It will not only brighten up the small living room, but will be an easy way to decorate one. When it comes to mirrors, there are all sorts of designs to choose from: clean, vintage, minimal styles, or ornate mirrors that are bold in appearance and personality. It’s all about collecting a one-of-a-kind piece of decor and making the most out of it. You can browse antique or local shops for a better find at a better price, or hunt for a bargain that can be upcycled in a weekend DIY project for your small living room ideas.

Feel free to go crazy with your creativity when you decorate a small living room. The room size might be small, but your mind should wander freely in its space.