Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace: All You Need To Know


Let’s talk about a much debated topic -- mounting a TV above the fireplace. Picture a spacious yet cozy living room, with comfortable couches, a coffee table, a toasty fireplace, and a TV above it as the finishing touch. The best thing to top off any living room is a hanging mounting television over the fireplace. For most, this picture may just remain a dream even if you know how high to mount a tv in the bedroom. When you talk about mounting a flat-screen TV above a fireplace, most people might say it's a bad idea. Just a simple search will show you tons of articles on why one shouldn’t install an LCD TV over a fireplace. These articles contain lists of reasons why TV sets should not be mounted above fireplaces, including the fact that mixing heat and electricals isn’t advisable and could prove to be dangerous. While it is fair to say that most of these concerns are valid, it is important to remember that they apply only to TVs mounted flat directly on the wall. These limitations apply to regular ol’ wall-mounted TVs, so contrary to popular belief, there is a way to mount your TV above the fireplace that is safe, efficient, and comfortable. A TV mount to mount your tv above the fireplace is the thing you need. You need to be careful when you shop tv mounts.

MantelMount manufactures high-quality, full-motion pull-down TV mounts that truly maximize your television viewing experience. These mounts are constructed through a patented technique that consists of automotive gas pistons with lightweight alloys and counterbalance technology. This unique, innovative TV mount formula allows you to easily pull your large flat-screen TV off the wall, adjust it to eye-level in front of the fireplace, and then move it left or right for the perfect view. Apart from the unique full-motion ability, MantelMount also has a TV mount collection with other patented features that makes it completely safe and practical for mounting a TV over the fireplace. Let us cover how MantelMount tackles the functional challenges (or misnomers) that once came with mounting a TV over a fireplace.

The Wall Above the Fireplace is Made of Stone or Brick

Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs… you name it! Stone or brick fireplaces are rather commonplace these days. These can be tough materials to work with, but do not fear – unlike other imitators, MantelMount works in dozens of install scenarios, some right out of the box, and you can achieve the others by adding unique, original accessories to your MantelMount order. In the case of mounting MantelMount on stone or brick, as long as the stone or brick is not a flimsy facade, you merely need to replace the four lag bolts MantelMount provides with concrete anchors of the same length. If by chance the stone or brick is a flimsy facade, you can simply purchase MantelMount’s AB40 Adapter to provide the necessary support you need. 

Heat and Electronics Shouldn’t Mix

It’s true -- heat and electronics don’t mix! This is probably the most common concern when it comes to TVs and fireplaces, and it is a fair one, considering all the delicate wiring within flat-screen TVs, one should be careful and know how to hide TV wires. While today’s TVs produce relatively little heat on their own. Flat-screen TVs like ones from Samsung (50’ F to 104’F) and SONY (32’F to 104’F) produce negligible heat of their own. The heat from the fireplaces still poses a significant threat to the TV. That’s why MantelMount was designed with in-built smart heat-sensing handles. These heat-sensing handles turn red when they detect a temperature of 110’F or more. MantelMount also comes with paintable covers to hide wall hardware so you can keep all the wiring tidy and safe, all while looking elegant.

The Mantel is Just Too High

The height of a fireplace mantel can certainly interfere with your home entertainment setup and overall enjoyment. It’s something you must seriously consider before hanging a television over the fireplace. And if you already know how high to mount tv above the fireplace, you’re probably no stranger to neck pain, eye strain, and even headaches. A lack of focus on what you’re watching is also a common complaint, caused by being forced to look up when watching TV. It's just not a natural position for long periods of time. 

Watching television is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, not a cause for discomfort and frustration, yet it is the latter for many whose TV is too high on the wall. However, MantelMount has put the fun and comfort back into home entertainment. Their revolutionary pull-down TV mounts have brought a movie theater-like experience to hundreds of thousands of homes across the United States.

The automotive pistons and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology allow anyone to easily pull their large flat-screen TV off the wall, put it down to eye-level, and then swivel it left or right. Within seconds you’ll be perfecting the TV viewing angle to find your ‘sweet spot’, and then you can lie back and enjoy the show. It’s that simple.

You’re not just buying “another TV mount” when you buy a MantelMount. Get ready to take your television viewing experience to another level and give family entertainment a whole new meaning. MantelMount transforms your TV and the entire room around it. It isn’t just something to WOW your guests with – MantelMount is an entirely re-imagined, fully optimized home entertainment experience. True comfort and maximized TV viewing enjoyment is guaranteed for the whole family!