Features and Benefits

What Makes MantelMount Unique

MantelMounts patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, allowing virtually anyone to easily pull a large flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace, and swivel it left or right.

Easy Installation

If you can install a flat screen television mount you can install MantelMount. Our complete, easy-to-follow PDF and video installation guides can be printed out or viewed on your smart phone. Click on the PDF links or video play button to view or download our installation guide.

*For MM540 & MM700 Only

Heat Sensing Handles

Exclusive heat-sensing handles turn red if the temperature above your fireplace exceeds a safe 110° F.

*For MM540 & MM700 Only

Paintable Covers That Hide Wall Hardware

MantelMount features paintable covers that hide your wall hardware to ensure the beauty of your home theatre remains aesthetically pleasing.

*For MM540 & MM700 Only

Built-In Sound Bar Attachment

Our brace extenders allow you to create enough room beneath your TV and above the MantelMount handles to easily attach your sound bar directly to the mount's horizontal brace, eliminating the need for any 3rd party sound bar attachment.


Easy To Use

Ideal for anyone who can easily reach the handle to pull the unit down and angle it towards a seating area for the perfect view.

Eye-Level Viewing

Virtually no other solutions are available in the marketplace that address the concerns of an above-the-fireplace flat screen television to provide eye-level viewing and glare reduction while also hiding all the hardware associated with your flat screen television.

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