Art Sesnovich | September 15, 2020

MantelMount Names Volutone Distributor

MantelMount, creator of mounting options for flat screen televisions, has formed an agreement with Volutone, a full-service distribution company. Volutone will carry two of the newest MantelMount models: the MM540 and MM700 (pro series), as well as the RB100, an add-on recess box specifically designed for the MM700 that provides the flushest TV-to-wall storage on the market. 
Headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, Volutone features seven facilities located throughout Southern California and Nevada. The family-owned and operated company distributes products in multiple categories, including home theater, commercial AV, networking, security, automation, and lighting control.
 “We’re very pleased to have a company with a stellar reputation like Volutone represent our products,” said KC Bean, CEO of MantelMount. “Distribution is not just about getting your product into dealers’ hands, it’s spreading the word throughout the industry. Volutone has the resources to help us gain the kind of name-brand recognition we’re striving to achieve.”“TV mounts can be a crowded category for many distributors,” said Aaron Cleary, Volutone purchasing manager. “Frankly, we’re used to turning down products in this category. But in talking with the MantelMount folks, we saw that they had a great deal of passion for the product. There’s nothing else out in the market like it.”
While most flat screen TV mounts tilt and swivel, MantelMount also allows user the unique ability to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level. This solves an extremely common problem: consumers love to mount their TV above their fireplaces, but the height of the mount creates a less-than-ideal viewing angle, one that not only detracts from the viewing experience but can actually lead to back and neck problems. 
Cleary noted that a large percentage of the several thousand dealers in the Volutone network are potential customers for the MantelMount units. And the company has a variety of methods for getting out the word about this unique device.
“It’s important that dealers get ‘face time’ with the product,” Cleary said. “Our facilities are not like traditional distribution centers—dealers can walk in, grab carts, and pull things off the shelves. So they’ll be able to see the MantelMount units up close and personal.
“Plus, many of our salespeople are former integrators, so they can explain the revenue opportunity that MantelMount represents.” 

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