Art Sesnovich | May 30, 2024

MantelMount, Pull Down TV Mounts, and March Madness

If you’re a college basketball fan, March Madness is like Christmas, New Year’s and your birthday all rolled into one.

What’s not to like?  The best teams in the country, competing for the college basketball crown.  Dozens and dozens of games.  Single elimination – one loss and you’re out.  The competition.  The drama.  The junk food.  And of course, trying to pick the winners in your tourney brackets.  (Fun Fact: the odds of picking every single game correctly is 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.  That’s 9.2 quintillion.  Yes, that’s a big number.) 

And then, there’s watching the games on your beautiful, flatscreen television, which is situated securely on your stylish MantelMount.  This outstanding fireplace TV mount is a must during March Madness.  Why?  Because there are a total of 67 games, including the “play-in” games before the first round.  And you know you’re going to watch them all, unless you have to go to work or spend time with your family (you can always find a new job and reconnect with your family in April). 

And if you’ve got your TV mounted above the fireplace or high on a wall, and you have a MantelMount, you’ll be able to bring your TV down to eye level for all 67 games and experience comfortable, pain-free viewing.  No neck aches.  No eye strain.  Great viewing angle.  You’ll be able to fully enjoy every bad call, missed shot, and needless foul as you see your tourney brackets crash and burn.

MantelMount truly is the premier Pull Down TV Mount on the market.  But let’s put it in terms the college basketball fan can understand: if there were a tournament for all fireplace TV mounts, how would MantelMount do?  Would it have what it takes to take the title of Best Pull Down TV Mount?  Let’s do the analysis – in basketball terms:

  • We’ve Got Some Smooth Moves. Moving the MantelMount up or down is easier than with any other vertical-moving mount. Anyone who can reach the handle can move the mount smoothly, owing to our patented construction, which combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology. 
  • We Can Take the Heat. Another exclusive feature, our MM540 and MM700 models have patented pulldown handles that turn red at 110 degrees to warn the customer if the heat from a burning fireplace is about to damage the TV and sound bar.  Like a good point guard, we won’t wilt under the heat.
  • We’ve Got Mad (Ball)Handling Skills. Auto-Stabilization to ensure that if one spring is stronger than the other, it won’t bias the mount and will maintain a level TV over time.  Adjustable Stops to prevent any part of the mount from hitting the wall or mantel.  And Auto-Straightening, so if you raise your TV from the swiveled position, MantelMount automatically straightens it out so that it doesn’t hit your wall. 
  • We’ve Been Well-Coached. Our coaches (inventors) built MantelMount from the ground up - no retrofits.  They took no shortcuts on the engineering or the construction.  They devised a sound game plan from scratch and executed it to perfection. 
  • We Play Great Defense. While your TV-viewing pleasure is one of our top concerns, nothing is more important than the safety of you and your home.  We built MantelMount to defend what’s most precious to you by making it the safest pull down TV mount you can purchase.  From its flawless geometry to its superior construction using premium-quality materials, MantelMount stops damage and danger from scoring any points at your expense.

Frankly, we’re pretty confident that MantelMount would not only sweep through the Fireplace TV Mount Tournament, every match-up would be a blowout.