Art Sesnovich | June 28, 2024

MantelMount: The New Champion of the World


There’s a great quote attributed to legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali:

“It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”

That quote applies very nicely to MantelMount.  It is the best Pull Down TV Mount™ for flatscreen televisions on the market, bar none.  And we can back it up. 

To begin with, there are only a few mounts that move vertically, which is an incredibly important feature, allowing you to mount your TV above the fireplace or high on a wall and bring it down to eye level.  But of the few that can even move up and down, MantelMount has by far the most solid construction; offers more vertical movement than any other mount; is the easiest to install; and is the simplest to use.  And now we offer three different versions to suit your budget and TV viewing needs. 

(A note about pulldown mounts.  If you’re going to mount your TV at eye level, you probably don’t need a pulldown mount.  But if you want to mount your TV higher than eye level – whether above a fireplace or a on convenient, open spot high on a wall – you need a pulldown mount.  And frankly, there is a lot more to consider than just “does it move vertically.”  Does it move easily and smoothly?  Is there continuous balance from top to bottom for a wide range of TV sizes?  Is the mounting environment entirely safe?  You can't compare a “high-on-the-wall mounting” to an ordinary mounting.  Between the difference in angle; the pulling forces involved in moving a big object off the wall on a regular basis; and the fact that you and your family may be directly beneath this TV when its being lowered, there are many more variables that come into play here, and many more requirements that need to be met.)

There are numerous other factors that separate MantelMount from its competitors.  Believe us, we know.  We’ve seen them all firsthand.  In fact, there are so many things, we can’t tackle them all in one blog.  So let’s focus on some of the most significant: 

Geometry: MantelMounts are built with correct geometry.  This ensures that the force from the gas springs is consistent from light TVs to heavy TVs.  With MantelMount imitation mounts, some TV weights are too heavy for their mounts to lift in the upper position, and they don’t stay down in the lower position.  With incorrect geometry comes a major decline in performance and safety with these imitation mounts.  We know - we’ve tested them.

Auto-Stabilization: An exclusive feature of MantelMount, we use enhanced auto-stabilization with our gas springs to ensure that if one spring is stronger than the other, it won’t bias the mount and will maintain a level TV over time.  If you want to look for this in other mounts, feel free.  (SPOILER ALERT: You won’t find it.)

Horizontal Brace with Handle: Modern TVs are getting thinner and, as a result, more fragile.  The handle of the MantelMount directs all of the pulling forces straight to the mount instead of pulling on the frame of the TV itself. 

Heat-Sensing Handles: Another exclusive feature, the MM540 and MM700 have patented pulldown handles that turn red at 110 degrees to warn the customer if the heat from a burning fireplace is about to damage the TV and sound bar. 

Adjustable Stops: Yes, another exclusive.  All of the MantelMount ranges of motion have adjustable stops to prevent any part of the mount from hitting the wall or mantel. 

Auto-Straightening: If you raise your TV from the swiveled position, MantelMount automatically straightens it out so that it doesn’t hit your wall.  Exclusive?  You bet!

Cable Routing Boxes (included with the MM700): These boxes attach to metal conduit so that cables can be routed behind the wall without touching hot fireplace components and possibly causing a fire.  They provide a permanent passageway so that cables can be easily fed through the wall as new components are added.

We put more thought, planning and ingenuity into MantelMount than you can possibly imagine.  Hey, it’s just a TV mount, right?  It just needs to keep the TV on the wall, right?  Wrong.  It does need to keep the TV on the wall – no argument there.  But it needs to be safe, functional, well-constructed, and easy to use.  MantelMount is all of that, and more.  We didn’t skimp on the materials.  We didn’t rush through the engineering.  We took no shortcuts.  We don’t resell someone else’s product.  We invented this solution ourselves and brought it to market.

Do we want you to take our word for the fact that we’re the best?  Sure.  But our customers are saying it, too (we have a 4.8/5.0 consumer rating on over 1000 reviews).  And the industry is saying it as well: just last year, we received the CEPro Best TV Mount Winner at CEDIA; Best In Show for AV Technology at InfoComm: the Electronics House 2016 Product of the Year; and the Hearth & Home Magazine Best Outdoor Room Equipment.

Want to talk safety?  Our MM540 Enhanced Mount and MM340 Standard Mount have been UL Listed for safety by successfully undergoing 6000 cycles of full range motion.  The MM700 Pro Mount also meets UL Listed standards.  When we invented the Pull Down TV Mount™, we had the safety and user experience of the consumer and their family in the very forefront of our designs.

Check out all the reasons MantelMount is the only Pull Down TV Mount™ you should consider.  We don’t float like a butterfly or sting like a bee, but we can kick any other mount’s you –know-what.