Art Sesnovich | June 28, 2024

Super Bowl Means Super Opportunity to Get Your MantelMount

OK, with just a little over a week before Super Bowl LI (that’s “51” in Roman-numeral world), you’ve got another great opportunity to get a MantelMount for your home.  In fact, there are a number of reasons why the big game is the perfect occasion to invest in the premier pulldown mount on the market:

Super Bowl, Super Viewing. The Super Bowl is one of the most widely viewed sporting events on TV.  Of the top 20 most watched TV broadcasts ever in the United States according to Nielsen, 19 were Super Bowls.  The epic Super Bowl XLIX (otherwise known as “49”) between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks tops the list at 115.2 million viewers, meaning that more than one out of every three men, women and children was watching that game.  The point is, this is NOT an event you should have to watch at less than a perfect, eye-level viewing angle – the exact angle you’ll get from MantelMount.

“Have We Got a Deal for You.” Many of you will be buying new flatscreen televisions just for this event – with good reason.  Pre-Super Bowl sales offer some of the best discounts during the entire year; according to Consumer Reports, the numbers show that next to Black Friday, the second-best discounts come two weeks before the Super Bowl.  What’s more, while Black Friday deals usually apply to sets that aren’t exactly state-of-the-art technology, the pre-Super Bowl sales generally focus on the higher-priced, feature-rich items (like 4K, for example).  So you’re going to buy this gorgeous new flatscreen TV and not accompany it with a MantelMount to give you the best possible viewing experience?  Umm…no.

Wish You Were Here.  We’ve never been to a Super Bowl.  We doubt we’ll ever get to one.  Besides the cost of the ticket, there’s the travel, lodging, food, and, quite possibly, bail money.  In an old episode of Seinfeld, someone offers George Costanza two free Super Bowl tickets.  Initially, he accepts the tickets, but when he learns that airfare and hotel are not included, he declines, telling the person, “What you’re really offering me is an invoice for $2,000.”  So like George, we are going to watch this year’s Super Bowl, and all subsequent Super Bowls, on TV.  Watching the big game on a TV positioned on a MantelMount is going to make us feel almost like we’re there.  And it’s going to save us a few bucks on bail bonds.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It.  If you’re going to be hosting a major Super Bowl party, the MantelMount is an absolute must.  Imagine what it will be like when each of your guests arrives and checks out your new, bad-ass TV on the MantelMount.  They will first ask about the new TV.  Then they’ll ask you about the cool mount that goes up and down.  And then they’ll ask why the only food you’ve got is chips and dip. 

The Next Day.  Look, we know you’re going to party a little bit.  You’re supposed to – it’s the Super Bowl.  And the next day, your head may not feel quite as chipper as you might like.  But thanks to MantelMount, at least your neck won’t hurt from watching a TV mounted too high on the wall.  The point is, you very well may be feeling some pain in your cranial area; at least your neck will be spared.  

There are other good reasons to buy your MantelMount in time for the big game.   The point is, you can use the game as an excuse to get the most fully-featured, most well-constructed mount available. 

The big game is just around the corner.  Get your new 4K TV.  Get your MantelMount.  And for gosh sakes, spend a little money on some decent snacks.