Art Sesnovich | June 28, 2024

Do Us Both a Favor: Buy This Pull-Down TV Mount, Already

In this blog, we try to provide general information about mounts, televisions, TV-viewing positions, and other helpful tidbits.  We also try to entertain you with some lighter material on occasion.  We don’t sell our MantelMount Pull-Down TV Mount™ too hard because 1) we don’t want to be obnoxious, and 2) we believe that it sells itself.  Oh, we always mention it in our blogs (our bosses would be upset if we didn’t), but for the most part, we try to stay away from the hard sell.

Not this time.  With Christmas and Hanukkah bearing down on us, it’s time to put away the subtlety.  MantelMount is a GREAT gift for the holidays, either for yourself, for your significant other, or that relative who has stiff neck syndrome from watching their TV above the fireplace.  Here are some reasons why:


  • It’s TV, 24/7: We watch a lot of TV from now until the end of the year. Between the holidays specials (for our money, “It’s a Wonderful Life” remains at the top of the viewing list), and the upcoming onslaught of college football bowl games (if you miss the Idaho Potato Bowl, you’re going to regret it all next year), your flat screen TV is going to be on almost constantly.  You might as well watch it from the perfect viewing angle – at eye-level, which MantelMount provides.
  • Sale Away. Right now, for the holidays, we’re running a terrific sale on our flagship TM1A mount.  Normally a very reasonable $399, we’re offering it for a paltry $289.  With the money you save, you can do all kinds of things.  Give the money to your favorite charity, a welcome gesture this time of year.  Or invest it in that great stock tip your Uncle Ed told you about.  On second thought, give it to charity. 
  • It’s Way Better Than What you’re Thinking of Getting. ‘Tis the season of giving – bad gifts.  Let’s face it, how many horrible sweaters have you bought or received?  How many gift certificates have you had to resort to because you simply ran out of ideas?  Worse, how often have you had to run to the local pharmacy on December 24 because you forgot someone on your list?  If you aren’t sure whether MantelMount is a great gift for the holidays, check out what an industry reviewer just said.  (A quick aside: want to see some of the worst Christmas presents people have gotten?  You’ll be hard-pressed to beat the ones here.
  • You Can Enjoy It, Too. Not only in terms of your relationship, but in terms of actual proximity to your house.  That way you can get some of the benefit as well.  Let’s say you give a MantelMount to that same Uncle Ed, who lives just across town.  You call him up to see how he likes it.  Then, you casually say, “So, you looking forward to that Rose Bowl?”  He mumbles something about how football isn’t as tough as it used to be in his day.  Then you follow-up with, “Sure, I’d love to come over to watch the game.  What can I bring?”

Look, we’re not advocating that you buy a MantelMount for everyone on your Christmas list.  But why not pick just one person who has a TV that’s above their fireplace or is just too high on the wall?  We all know someone who fits that description. They will love it, and they will love you for it.  (You’ll also make us happy, if that matters to you.)

Go to  Click on “Holiday Sale.”  Then pick your MantelMount (we have other great mounts besides the TM1A) and make someone’s Christmas neck-pain-free.