Mantel Mount | May 30, 2024

How to Install a Motorized TV Mount

Do you remember the old days of watching tv? When you had to get up off the couch to change the channel? Thankfully, the invention of the remote control didn’t come long after the invention of the tv, about 1950. Back then, the remote wasn’t a particularly sophisticated piece of technology, It had about four buttons to control the channel and volume and it would make a distinctive “click” noise whenever the user pushed down on one of the buttons. Thus, the origin of the name “ the clicker” you may have grown up with, watching tv as a child.

Today, the tv has morphed into something that can sit, sleekly on whichever wall or piece of furniture you chose, or, disappear into a piece of art. TV technology has flourished and now you can control more than just the channel and volume remotely. Yes, many tvs today have the ability to switch between streaming services with a designated button on the remote, but what about adjusting the tv’s position with just one click?

Full motion motorized tv wall mounts might be the newest frontier in tv mounting technology. Like a tv lift, with one click of a button, you can lower, raise, and swivel your tv screen to the perfect angle to watch your favorite shows or a nail biting game. Curious to find out more? We have some tips to make sure you can enjoy and relax by watching your favorite shows or movies on your tv, without having to get up to adjust the tv angle.

Should You Get a Full Motion Motorized TV Wall Mount?

There will always be pros and cons about anything you purchase, including a tv wall mount. For some, a motorized tv mount with a remote might be unnecessary given the amount of sports, movies, and tv shows that they watch. But there are some of you out there that require an even more intricate set up. For those who want an enhanced entertainment experience, or simply want the newest or coolest items and gadgets, a motorized tv mount is an ideal item to have.

With a remote control tv mount like our MM815 model, you get the benefits of an articulating tv mount that has vertical travel capabilities — like all MantelMount tv mounts — while also staying put where you are in the room. The MM815 is our newest tv mount and has features never seen before with our mounts. Not only does this motorized tv mount come with a remote control for the tv mount, there are two memory presets on the remote control that allow for ease and quickness in lowering and swiveling the television.

Looking for more out of a full motion motorized tv mount like ours? Some more distinguishing features from the MM815 has a visual temperature sensor — that becomes a red color if, for instance you place the mount above a fireplace, the temperature reaches at or more than 110° fahrenheit — as well as our patented centering cams that swivel the television to center while the mount is raising to avoid obstacles like the wall or mantel.

Installing a Remote Control TV Mount

The installation part is likely the most daunting step of the whole process. However, there are a few options to take into consideration. Like any installation, safety should be at the forefront. Beyond that, ensure that you’ll have the best viewing angle—which is having the bottom third of your screen below eye-level—for everyone in your home. 

Another checklist item to keep in mind is if you or anyone in your household is handy with things like a tv mount installation project. Or, maybe you or someone else is good with household projects but, like we all know, there’s never enough time in a day. Want to leave it to professionals? There are nationwide home services companies like Ontech (a division of Dish), that install MantelMount's MM340, MM540 and MM700 mounts.

If you do end up going at it alone and installing your motorized tv mount, there are still some steps to follow to guarantee that your new mount is secure and ready to be used. 

Prior to the full installation, take a glance at the main steps of installing the MM815 so you know what you’re in for—especially because the installation process for our mount is different from other motorized tv mount installs.

  1. Attach braces to your television.
  2. Determine the wall placement of the MM815.
  3. Attach the mount to the wall. 
  4. Note that for the MM815, this step has multiple substeps including powering up the mount, running a system reset to ensure the mount properly works, programming the bottom position, and recalibrating the swivel safety clutch.
  5. Attach the tv to the mount. 
  6. Note that this step requires more than one person.
  7. Make your final adjustments.

For the MM815, final adjustments include, but aren't limited to, guaranteeing the remote works for the left and right stops by programming the swivel limits, and adjusting the centering cam and side swivel stop positions.

Have you briefly checked out those steps? Now you can tackle the installation process. But just in case, here are a few items you’ll likely need to install your motorized tv wall mount:

  • A marking device such as a pencil and/or painter's tape
  • A tape measure
  • A stud finder
  • A manual or electronic level
  • A drill with its corresponding drill bits
  • And your selected tv mount with remote

Once all of the necessary installation items are nearby, then the tv mounting process can begin in earnest. To start, mark the area on the wall where you will be drilling the pilot holes. 

Not sure how high to mount your tv or know where to have the tv and mount placed in the best position in a room? We have answered some of the most common questions here

If you’re able to, secure your tv mount to studs in the wall, or use a drywall anchor when studs aren’t available. Add washers to the end of your screws, and secure the bracket to the wall through the bracket slats. You may need an extra set of hands for the next step, which requires you to line up the tv mount on the back of the tv with the bracket against the wall.

Next thing you know, you’ll be comfy on the couch watching tv.