Mantel Mount | March 25, 2024

You Know How to Install a TV But What Do You Do When You Need to Take it Down?

There may come a time when you need to remove your tv from its wall mount. Whether that’s because you are moving apartments, buying a newer tv for the wall mount, or simply changing up the look of the room, the key to protecting your tv and your tv mount is to remove it correctly.

While most install and uninstall directions are fairly easy to follow, there are a few straightforward tasks you need to do when safely uninstalling and getting the tv off the wall mount.

Items You’ll Need for Getting a TV Off a Wall Mount

When you’re looking to understand how to remove a tv from your wall mount, make sure there are a few items on hand so taking your tv off the wall mount is a quick, clean, and simple process.

Here are a few items you’ll want next to you as you begin your task of removing your tv from the wall mount:

  • A toolbox with tools that are needed for uninstalling, such as screwdriver
  • A clean surface—possibly a broken down box, blanket, or a large plastic bag—for the front of the television to rest on while the mount is dismantled from the back of the television
  • A box (if needed) for transporting the tv or for tv storage
  • Installation manual (if available)

How to Remove Your TV From a Wall Mount

Once you’ve grabbed all of the necessary items, the next step is to remove the tv from the wall mount. Although this might not be a universal guide to getting a tv off a wall mount, this process is commonly what happens and what to expect.

Step 1: Unplug and remove all cables.

Although it might be the simplest step, it might be the most important step. Remove any cables that are attached to the television and place aside. Although it may seem like one cable won’t hinder the process of getting your tv off your wall, it will likely be easier in the long run to have any extraneous items out of your way while handling an expensive piece of equipment.

Step 2 (If applicable): Remove any locking mechanism.

If there is a locking mechanism that connects the television with the wall mount bracket, ensure that the locking device is released. This should guarantee that the television is able to be removed from the wall.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the tv will have either an adapter or vertical braces attached to the back of it. Vertical braces are the most common attachment on the back of the tv. They are mounted to the back of the tv and locked to the mount so that the tv is stable and secured to the mount.

Step 3: Take the tv off the wall mount.

Once the cables are removed and the lock device is detached, now is the most sensitive step in the process. Since taking a tv off a wall mount can be tricky due to the weight of the television, make sure that you are focused on the task at hand. 

You’ll likely want to ask a family member or friend to help out with this step. Once the vertical braces have been unlocked from the tv mount, you will need two people to slide or lift the tv off of the tv mount.

After the television is taken off the wall, gently place it on the spread out box, bag, or blanket for the next step to take place.

Step 4: Remove the wall mount bracket from the back of the television.

As the television is resting on the clean and sturdy surface, and if you are still in possession of the installation manual, grab that before this step. The instruction manual would be another asset to have, just make sure if you do use it, to reverse the steps!

With your screwdriver and any other applicable tool that you may need according to your wall mount or vertical braces, remove the screws that are attached to the 4 VESA holes on the television. If you’re a bit unsure of what parts might need to be removed versus those that are capable of staying on the back of the television, here is some information to keep handy when dealing with brackets and wall mounts.

Step 5 (If applicable): Remove the wall mount from the wall.

Similar to Step 2, if applicable, the wall mount should be disassembled. However, if you are keeping the wall mount up, this step can be dismissed as the wall mount bracket from the tv is what is truly needed. 

If you are removing the wall mount, this can be the last step in the process. If the mount is installed to a wood stud application, you will need to unscrew the lag bolts that are used to secure the mount to the wall. Typically it is 4 lag bolts with two attachment points on top and two on bottom.

If it's a simple drywall application, you will need to remove the drywall anchors from the wall, which will, as previously mentioned, also have the same attachment points. If the tv mount is attached to brick or masonry you will need to remove the anchor type for those applications. Once the anchors are removed from the wall, the mount should be ready to come off the wall.