7 Best Decorating Ideas for Above the Fireplace


An indoor fireplace is enticing, not just for its heat but also for its smell, sound, soft lighting, and the atmosphere it creates. In addition, a fireplace provides a focal point for a room and plenty of character. There are many ways to decorate above a fireplace. For example, a mini bookcase or a TV hiding behind a wooden door. Fireplace decor ideas exist in abundance, too. If you are thinking about placing art above the fireplace, both neutral and bright hues can work equally well. Mirrors, books, planters, plates, and prints can also all fit this space.

Decorating a Fireplace with Plates

You can always use the space above the mantel to show off your favorite pieces of china. After all, they are often antique, sophisticated, and a perfect addition to the simmering beauty that a fireplace can add. You can use a full set of different shapes, sizes, and colors - anything that makes it look like beautiful art above the fireplace. These plates can easily be found at antique shops, or even during your next vacation. A beautiful collection over the years can shine.

Adding Some Branches

One plant or many can never go wrong. Small succulents or big sprigs of greenery - both can add to the lightness of a living room. One can always bring some fresh foliage from their backyard and fill a tall, aesthetically pleasing vase for instant visual interest. Even an empty room can become alive with an indoor garden. If you are figuring out how to decorate above a fireplace, this is one of the easiest ways to go about it: simply arrange an array of mismatched pots. If you are confused about the wall color, they could be neutral. Find them in as many shapes or designs as possible, like a small cat head or a monkey holding its hands up, and fill them with hearty and low-maintenance succulents or ferns. It’s as easy as that!

Accessories and Art

Today, you can find many framed pieces of prints, paintings, and portraits that look like stunning pieces of art. Art above the fireplace can never fail to please. Objects look cohesive in shades of white, beige, and black. Who says you need frames that match? If you don’t have enough wall space to show off your favorite pieces, simply lean them against the fireplace. Pictures over the fireplace can look very chic and it’s surprisingly cheap to pull off, too.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A wood mantle in solid colors and a gilded fireplace screen contrast perfectly. For a laid-back look above the fireplace, rest a gold-framed mirror against the wall, without hammering the wall. Or, if you’re scared it’ll fall to the ground, simply hang a large mirror over your fireplace decor and you’ve found yourself a classic way to decorate your mantle. Mirrors can add a touch of glamor and create the illusion of more open space. A rectangular mirror in an ornate frame conveys luxury and elegance, while a circular one with minimal framing makes for a more contemporary statement. When choosing between fireplace decor ideas, you can always decide which one goes with your style. Further, you can complement your mirrors with complementary items, such as candles and vases. Candles in different sizes, shapes, and containers create a gentle flickering glow. Alternatively, go the worry-free route by using flameless LED lights.

A Big Clock

It is as decorative as it is practical, and this is why a wall clock makes a stylish and overall great piece of decor above the fireplace. It may be one of the simplest centerpieces to have above the fireplace mantel, but it’s always useful to have a clock in the main room, since it is accessible from all corners to check the time. Decorative clocks are typically oversized, making it easier to tell the time from any angle or distance. They come in all sorts of styles, so, as easy as it would be to go forward with this decision, it’ll take some time and effort to browse through a host of different materials and faces until you find the perfect one to suit your space.

A Simple Portrait

An old portrait made with oil acts as a classic piece of fireplace decor. Art above the fireplace in any shape or form is attractive, but you don’t have to be a fine art connoisseur to feature a portrait of a loved one in your home. And, what better place to hang it than above the mantle? This is the perfect place to show off a family’s artistic taste. Be it a large piece of canvas art, or a stack of smaller framed pieces, pictures positioned above the fireplace are a fun way to inject some personality and flavor into the room. The color scheme of the pieces you select should of course match the palette of the living room in general. In case you’re confused about the colors, black and white photo-art is a popular choice, as it goes with a variety of decor styles and color schemes.

Hanging a Television

Hanging a television over the fireplace may seem more practical than a style statement, but, if done correctly, a television will be a sleek and functional addition to the several fireplace decor ideas. A slim and sleek television with minimal bezels, for example, is an ongoing trend. What’s more, you can add a pull-down TV mount without worrying about where they sit and enjoy Netflix shows in an even better way than before. If your concern is about how to hide TV wires mounted on a wall, then we have this topic covered, too. The only thing to consider is the size of your television. The television screen should be at least partially framed by the fireplace backsplash, but not dwarfed by it. Consolidate cords will provide for a cleaner look, allowing you to place a few accompanying decor accents on the mantle, too.