Art Sesnovich | December 20, 2016

Do Us Both a Favor: Buy This Pull-Down TV Mount, Already

In this blog, we try to provide general information about mounts, televisions, TV-viewing positions, and other helpful tidbits.  We also try to entertain you with some lighter material on occasion.  We don’t sell our MantelMount Pull-Down TV Mount™ too hard...

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Mantel Mount | December 20, 2016

Watching TV Seating Preferences: How Far Away from the TV Should You Sit?

Although purchasing a MantelMount pull down TV mount or drop down and swivel TV mount will enhance your TV viewing experience, there are other factors at play, including lighting, comfortability with furniture — and understanding just how far away from...

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Art Sesnovich | December 20, 2016

Is It OK to Mount Your TV Above the Fireplace?

Ever since flat screen televisions were developed, there has been extensive discussion about whether they should be mounted above a fireplace.  Many interior design experts have poo-pooed the idea, citing it as “lazy” designing or decrying the fact that the...

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