How to Prop Up a Flat-Screen TV Without a Stand: DIY Guide


Across the world, flat-screen TVs tie many living rooms and home entertainment systems together. And while this essential piece of household tech usually comes along with a stand, these stands can often be fragile. They are also prone to wear and tear over the course of time. So if you have accidentally damaged or misplaced your TV stand while shifting homes, or your TV stand is simply too old to work anymore, mounting a TV with no stand, then, can be quite challenging. A flat-screen TV without a mount or stand isn’t of much use to anyone. So what do you do in this sticky situation? Throw your entire TV out and buy a new one with a brand new stand? No way!

Don’t panic just yet, though, because we’ve got some good news. MantelMount has put together a list of ideas for a makeshift TV stand until you can save up and buy yourself something fancy like a pull-down TV mount.

Until you can make that dream tv over the fireplace happen, here are some ideas for a homemade TV base you can use during the time being.

DIY/Alternative TV Stand Ideas

Thrift It
One option you have of getting a makeshift TV stand is by buying a second-hand one. What you need to do is make a note of your TV model number (it’s usually on the product information label on the corner of the back of your flat-screen TV) and look for TV stands that are a good fit on Craigslist, eBay, or any online or local resale and hardware stores. If you’re in luck, you just might find the exact stand to match your TV. However, be warned that since these are second-hand, the quality and condition is pretty much a gamble, but it should do for the time being.

If you want, you can consider reordering the stand for your exact TV model from the manufacturer, but it might turn out more expensive than you think. So, why waste the dough when you can save up and upgrade to a pull-down mount?

If you’re the creative type who likes to take on projects, this solution is right up your alley. A quick scroll through Pinterest or YouTube will show you a range of ways to make a DIY TV stand. These options also show a range of materials, from wood and tubes to reusable items, that you can grab around your house. This can be a really cost-effective and sustainable solution. This option also gives you a lot of freedom in how you build your homemade TV base. From old TV consoles and furniture to easels and old metal frames - you can use whatever works best for your needs.

Cheap Replacement
A last resort could be buying a really cheap replacement, or even pay for repair services from a store, until you can find a more permanent fix.

Upgrade to a Pull-down Mount
The best option to deal with having no TV stand is, perhaps, to see it as a blessing in disguise! Maybe you don’t need a TV stand, after all. It's been hogging space in your living room for years and gives a bulky and crowded feel to your room. Have you been yearning to get a wall mount for your TV? If so, maybe take this as the sign and finally do it! 

A wall-mounted TV is versatile, saves space, and is aesthetically pleasing.

However, deciding which mount you want to buy can be a tough decision. The best you can do is do your research! You certainly need to be aware of your TV’s measurements. After that, you can start thinking about which type of TV mount you want to purchase for your home.

Types of TV Mounts

Fixed-Position Mounts: These mounts place your TV flat against the wall. As the name suggests, they are fixed into place and the position cannot be adjusted once it is mounted. These can make your space feel cleaner, but they come with problems. For example, just settling on the right height and distance to mount it is a tough enough task. So, keep the permanent nature of a fixed mount in mind if opting for this mount.

Tilting TV Mounts
Unlike fixed TV mounts, tilting TV mounts offer a bit more flexibility to the viewer in terms of the entertainment experience. These also are mounted flat on the wall, but they allow for some viewing optimization since you can tilt the TV up or down five to fifteen degrees on average. This lets you better some TV angle frustrations, depending on how high to mount TV, such as you mount it over a fireplace mantel, a tilt mount is far from the perfect solution.

Full-Motion TV Mount
Now, if you’re thinking of making the switch from a TV stand to a TV mount, we say go big or go home! The best option for you is a full-motion pull down TV mount like MantelMount. Trust us, this is the sure-fire way of getting the very best TV viewing experience.

MantelMount’s innovative, high-quality pull-down TV mounts are revolutionary: they allow you to easily adjust a large flat-screen TV to the optimal viewing height and angle every sit down! These versatile mounts, which rely on their automotive gas pistons for vertical motion, allow your flat-screen TV to be pulled off the wall, down to eye-level, and then swiveled left or right, assuring true comfort and the perfect view any time you watch TV. As the dynamics of your room setup or viewing audience change, so too can the angle of your MantelMount to accommodate these changes. MantelMount’s robust pull-down TV mount collection even has other distinguishing features, such as heat-sensing handles, auto-straightening, paintable covers, a sound bar attachment, and much, much more - all of which make it the most feature-rich TV mount on the market. With MantelMount, you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and musicals however you like. MantelMount is the perfect fit for families, since it’s adjustable according to each viewer’s specific needs.

So, if there’s one thing we want you to take away from this read, it’s this: losing your TV stand is no big deal, and there is definitely a range of solutions to choose from. From cheap DIY fixes, to the pinnacle of upgrading to a full motion pull down TV mount - the choice is yours!