Mantel Mount | December 07, 2022

10 Living Room Hacks

On many occasions, one would want to see some small or significant changes in their living room, no matter how heavy or light the decor is. The living room is so aptly-named since it is where most of the events take place.. where life happens. It could be the place where the life of the party exists when you have guests over, the place where you’d want to cozy up in a warm blanket in the corner of the couch on a Sunday morning, make lunch plans with your gals, binge shows on your home theatre throughout the day. The living room is also the first place where the eyes land up when anybody comes home. It is the room that can magically transform the house by breathing in more light, through luxurious folds of the curtains, and also where one can uncover all their design experiments. 

Changes such as adding some color to the walls, adding more mirrors to lighten the room, finding some extra space for storage so that one can easily clear the mess lying around, the list could go on. When people living in the house have these surging extraordinary visions of bringing great designer schemes into the living space, it could be hard to figure out where really to begin. Since the living room is a single space that is occupied the most, it’s better to start from here. Be it from the framed art on the walls to the availability of the floor space to the utility of a single furniture item, here are some tips to broaden ideas and transform the space with less effort and more flexibility. You may choose to bring these hacks and utilize them in other parts of your house as well if you like.